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Primark Rolling Stones tee: €10. Asos jeans: £28. The Kooples leather jacket. Shoe Zone wedges. Urban Outfitters hat: £26. Girissima clutch: borrowed from Carmen. Smashbox lipstick.
Photos by Carmen.

Based on the knowledge that whatever I'd end up with would have to be carted back to Munich and, in turn, the UK, I was pretty restrained when it came to buying souvenirs from Innsbruck, but when can I resist a good ol' Stones tee? The answer is apparently never when it's a mere €10 (about £8). When I went round Carmen's I stole her clutch bag to give this a bit of added oomph/make it look slightly more interesting than the standard jeans and t-shirt combination; did it work?

I'm back in the very same jeans today for my flight back to GB, but instead of a clutch bag I'm working the suitcase-bigger-than-me-plus-carry-on look, which is considerably less chic. Seeing as pretty much every single person who's enquired about the move has asked as to whether I'm looking forward to going back, I may as well answer it here too. I've got pretty mixed views on heading back: I'm looking forward to meeting up with j rox for lunch and Liberty tomorrow, cheddar cheese, and a trip to Liverpool, but the last six months have been a massive learning curve for me, and I think going back to what I've known for the last twenty two years will be a bit difficult. If there's one thing I've learnt  by being surrounded by such optimistic people (cringe), is that it's important to concentrate on what you enjoy doing, and then everything will turn out okay. I'm not entirely sure what that means I'll end up doing, but I do know that I'll be updating this blog while I work it out. Because it's always a good idea to document your quarter life crisis.


  1. Loving the textured leather jacket, the hat looks great on you!



  2. Babin' as always. I have to say I wouldn't mind you documenting your quarter-life crisis- I'm about to graduate and I think I have my own coming up soon! It's always nice to know you aren't alone in that "oh sweet baby jesus what am I going to do with my life" feeling haha xx

  3. Absolutely stunning! I adore your fedora too x


  4. Looking forward to seeing you soon lovely lady! I know what you mean about the panicked feeling but you are AWESOME and will definitely find something equally fun to do over here in the UK :)

    Maria xxx

  5. I absolutely love that clutch bag, so so pretty! Love the location you took these photos in, too. Beautiful post xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  6. You'll figure it out. Was just about to comment that I love the clutch.


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