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Photos by (a hungover) Lauren.

You know those nights out which just seem to go on forever? I got to Lauren's around ten, and didn't end up getting back to mine till gone six. It may have been almost the length of a working day, but I'm pretty sure none of my daily assignments would involve bumping into friends in bars in the small hours unless I go for a serious career change. The day after, I felt surprisingly able to function so headed over to an irish pub for some pastry-based food and a couple of photos; some people might go so far to as to call this outfit post a miracle. I did, of course, pluck for my comfiest clothes, with Primark's super cosy tights, my new Brandy Melville T-shirt which is made from the softest material ever, and a decision to not bother with contact lenses. Then we found a lion mask, and that pretty much told us that we'd made the right decision to leave our duvets behind.

Perhaps ironically, I'm now writing this in my pjs, but it's completely acceptable on a Sunday morning in my eyes!


  1. Love the colour of the skirt! I don't blame you for writing from your duvet, it would be slightly hypocritical if I did seeing as I'm reading from mine! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. That tee is just awesome! Oh, and your little lion mask is the absolute cutest x

  3. Love your style! And this outfit is amazing! xx

  4. Haha, the best sorts of nights are the ones where you don't realise they've ended.

  5. absolutely LOVE this outfit, and yes holy shoot that shirt is possibly the softest one that this universe has to offer.
    also-- is it possible to fall in love with a blog in approximately 3 seconds because i just did hahaha

    xx shirley


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