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Photos by Lauren.

Well, it's not every day you get a backdrop like this. Gone are the days of the wall and and my old flat's roof, we've moved on to mountains. Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a permanent feature as Munich tends to be on the flat side comparatively, but it makes for a nice change. When Lauren came back from a business trip last Thursday we reluctantly came to the realisation that Zurich simply wasn't going to happen in such a short time, so we looked closer: Innsbruck. Despite very nearly reaching Austria for our christmas party, I'd never quite made it over the border until we managed to snap up return bus tickets for €16(!!) and began winding our way down the German autobahns towards a lot of snow.

I didn't really know much about Innsbruck before we got there (and, in all honesty, I'd hardly call myself a tour guide now), but I'd recommend giving it a visit if you're ever in the area for the views alone. I probably said it more than enough times to annoy Lauren, but I just couldn't get over how you could see mountains poking out from behind the supermarket, between buildings, and just generally everywhere - spot the girl who comes from the flattest place in the UK. We spent most of our time exploring mainly by foot, aside from getting the cable car from Nordkette back to the centre of town. As regards touristy things, we spotted the goldenes dachl right in the centre of the altstadt (Maximilian I knew about bling long before Joey Essex), and also explored the Hofkirche, which had a pretty interesting way of telling Maximilian's life; I don't want to spoil it just in case you go, but don't skip the presentation as it's worth it.

We went just for the day, getting a coach that left Munich at 7.45, and returning by 10pm and think we'd managed to exhaust Innsbruck's possibilities. I've heard that Salzburg has a lot more to it, but I really enjoyed my first Austrian experience, with Vienna remaining on my "top places I'd like to visit" list - one day!

ps, if you like my top, you can buy a £50 Petit Bateau voucher for £25 on Vente-Privee. I wasn't asked to share this at all, but I think it's a pretty sweet deal, so thought you'd like to know! 

pps, I purposefully went out of my way to use title lyrics of an Austrian artist. So enjoy "Loving You is Easy" by Camo & Krooked.
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