Sunday, 28 June 2015

My life in print.

vintage mulberry leather belt
oasis fashion va kilburn culottes
blue leather jacket primark
oasis v and a museum collaborationoasis fashion v and a culottes
primark faux leather jacket
v and a oasis collaboration
chelmsford admirals park
my life in print mylifeinprint
oasis v and a collection
Oasis V&A Collection Kilburn culottes (ish): £5, sample sale. Collective white t-shirt. Primark faux leather jacket: £10 (similar). Oasis loafers: £4, sample sale. Mulberry belt: gift. Vintage bag: 50p, jumble sale. Necklace: from Claire.

If there's one place I look to for peace and quiet in London (other than the City at the weekend), it's the V&A Museum. It may be a ball ache pain to get to from East London, but once you emerge from the underground, there's nothing like the relief of walking through the main entrance under that chandelier and walking among display on display of history hosted in just one building in South West London. So, when someone started the sentence "I'm definitely not supposed to tell you this yet, but" I was pretty bloody excited. In case you haven't heard - Oasis has teamed up with the V&A to create a perfectly printed collection, and I want it ALL.

I picked up the Kilburn culottes in a sample sale a month or so back (I was after the Shoreditch trousers but my rail rummage didn't come up trumps this time) and after the initial 'how the hell am I meant to wear these?!' thoughts, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and just go for it. This much print needs to go with something plain, so my ol' faithful white tee was an obvious choice. A warm brown instead of black seemed like the perfect accompaniment, and one of my best Primark finds finished things off with a little pastel flair. I've picked out a few of my favourite V&A Collection bits below, but do let me know if you've spied anything you'd fancy adding to your own wardrobe.

ps, I'm currently at Glastonbury! Phone free, carefree, and probably not hangover free, I'll be back ASAP, but keep an eye on Instagram for a few snaps on my return.

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