Brazil is here.

Blue and white Bardot dress: c/o Quiz clothing. Urban Outfitters fedora hat: £26. Red heart bag: c/o LYDC. Black strappy sandals: c/o New Look. Rotary watch. Topshop "Really Ruby" lipstick. Models Own "Sophie's Pink" nail varnish and Essie "Lapiz of Luxury" nail varnish.
Photos by Megan - she's running a New Look giveaway, so definitely check out her blog!

When I heard that there was a beach in Covent Garden, I couldn't help but be intrigued and pop along after work to find out just how they'd managed to transport a little bit of Brazil to the British Isles. Ipanema are a Brazilian footwear brand who wanted to help make London a little bit less grey by setting up a beach shack BBQ and beach right next to the covered markets at Covent Garden. After a hot (and not in the good way) tube journey, I met up with Megan to take some outfit photos before heading to meet the other girls. Trying to find somewhere that isn't entirely overrun with people is pretty tricky when you're at tourist hotspot Covent Garden, but we managed to find a little break in the constant foot traffic right next to the pretty pastel Primrose Bakery, and I'm more than happy with how these photos have turned out, which isn't a very common occurrence! We then headed over to meet Amy, before Kim (the lovely lady behind the blogger network at etail pr) introduced herself, and we sampled the caipirinhas. It was so lovely to meet some new ladies, and spent most of my time chatting to Paulina and Emily before I had to head home. I've felt a little out of the blogging loop since I've moved back from Germany as I'm constantly doing real life stuff (I know, it exists!), so it was lovely to put a pretty frock on for an evening of cocktails and chat. Just one big thank you to etail, ipanema and Cabana for inviting me along, and further confirming that caipirinhas are fast becoming my favourite cocktail.

How now, brown cow?

it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex, ootd, outfit it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex, ootd, outfit 
Playsuit: £9, Beyond Retro. Blouse: £2, charity shop. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Bag: £8, vintage. Shoes: £27, Topshop. Sunglasses: £1, Primark. Bracelets: £1, Topshop. Necklace: Toujours Toi, via Dina.
Photos taken by Danielle.

Since my weekdays are currently consumed by the 9-5 (plus commute...), I'm determined to ensure my weekends are are strictly fun. No moping around the house listening to the Smiths, but catching up with friends that I don't get to see when I'm in Liverpool. It is steadily becoming tradition to attend Brownstock festival with my friends from sixth form, as its timing winds up the end of summer perfectly. Jess invited me along for lunch on Sunday afternoon, and, with festival virgin Danielle alongside, we only got a little bit lost.

it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex 

Sitting on the back of a tractor being driven by a toddler was an interesting experience, but it just goes to show how much of a family affair the day was: from Jess tweeting away, to Adam cooking the roast and freezing smoothie lollies. I sat in the sunshine listening to Jakob Deist, Itchy Feet, and Stealing Signs, while Danielle played with Rags, who we've unofficially dubbed the Brownstock dog. I wasn't asked to blog about the day, but I had such a good time and took so many photos it would be a shame not to share them. And, a cheeky exclusive for you, here's the newest additions to the line-up... 

it's cohen - uk fashion blog: brownstock festival 2012, essex, cows, lots of cows


She falls into frame with a professional pout

it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
it's cohen - UK fashion blog: lomography, LC-A+, loblography
1. Lily and Dina, cooler than thou.
2. Flying rats
3. Mona 
4. Playlounge
5. The Great Frog. One day I will own one of their eye rings. I will.
6. Topshop Adder Boots 
7. Lily and I
8. Carnaby Street


Of technologies, media, etc.: making use of analogue computers or devices; analogue signals or data.
Often contrasted with digital.

Those who've read my blog for a while will be aware that I use film as much as I possibly can. I normally have a disposable camera or two in my bag, which I go through like there's no tomorrow. More recently I've been using two slightly more permanent cameras: a fisheye and an action sampler (yet to get my first film developed!), both from Lomography - I always state which camera I've used in each blog post in its tags. To receive an invite to lomo's "LoBlography" event from the lovely Heidi not only played on my intrinsic love of puns, but my perseverance with analogue photography. While I would love to own a DSLR, I'm well aware that even the cheapest would be well out of my price range, and, in all honesty, isn't everything about film photography bloody great?

At the store just behind Carnaby Street I found Jazzy and Dina who've both had the misfortune of my presence before, as well as finally getting to know Lily (happy belated birthday!) and meeting Mona whose wonderful blog I only recently discovered. After taking part in many a #bbloggers chat on a Sunday evening, I'm well-versed in the basics of blogging, yet the talks by Kat from Gizmodo, Sian from Domestic Sluttery, and Adam from Rock My Wedding (I'm in a few of their photos!) weren't simply dry, repeated phrases of yore (as much as anything internet-related can be), but rather informative and, dare I say it, funny. But it wouldn't be lomo without a little bit of camera action. We were each given an LC-A+ loaded with Colour Negative 800 film and an hour to prance around Soho. And boy, did I prance. I'll upload the rest of my photos to the blog's facebook page as soon as I'm home, so you can form your own decisions as to which ones turned out well, and which ones are just photos of a fence. I love how sharp a lot of the photos have come out, and multiple exposures are always a winner. I love my good ol' point and shoot, but regardless of how many hours you spend on photoshop, you can't truly replicate analogue photos.

Long live film.



The East-West Divide: East. #GigNics

Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics

Postcode warfare!

The North-South divide is a well-known concept in the UK; my halls of residence last year were a breeding ground for (faux!) rivalry between southern pansies and the grim northerners born and bred above this invisible line. However, this binary opposition is paralleled in the capital, just spun on its axis. Londoners are notoriously defensive of their city, and take sincere pride in their location. Although I currently spend most of my time in NW3, I was born in E11, so can barely show a true allegiance. This weekend I travelled along the London Overground to Haggerston for the Nando's GigNics. And ate lots of chips.

The email saying I'd got tickets served as a catalyst for an an almost incomprehensible stream of texts to my lahndahn lovely Sabby. Both big time fans of Nando's, we always go to the Euston branch when I'm headed to and from Liverpool, so we made the most of the peri-infused atmosphere by treating ourselves to some cocktails (I had a Peri Mary, Sabby a Caipirinha). We sat "chilling in East London sunshine" - my answer to the "sum up today in five words" question. Embarrassment, coming to a video near you soon! The line-up included a few favourites: some I'd never seen before, such as MistaJam, and ones I knew all too well - hello Ed Sheeran! (We'll leave the "I've sung karaoke with Rizzle Kicks" story for another time, as they fit somewhere in-between...) Of course, it wouldn't be a Nando's event without some chicken, so we queued up with some food vouchers we'd managed to procure. Unfortunately I couldn't get a burger - they'd sold out of veggie burgers, boo! - but the chips were very, very much appreciated. Haggerston was the most beautiful location, and in an area I've never had the chance to explore before. Hopefully, as I'm interning in EC2 this Summer, I'll be able to see more of what the East has to offer. Fingers crossed this rain subsides sometime soon! At least both ends of the spectrum agree that this weather is not suitable for summer, what happened to the sunshine?


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Where there's a Wills, there's a way

Striped breton top: £30, Aubin and Wills. Suede skirt: £8, Oxfam. Black pumps: 50p, Russell and Bromley via ebay. Shoulder bag: £15, Oxfam. Necklaces: (from top) vintage, elsie belle, gift.

Don't let that carefree smile fool you, the last photo is c/o my camera's irritating ability to take photos just as someone asks whether it's okay for them to walk past. Cue dying inwardly, the perpetual story of my life.

I bought this top with my birthday money last December from the then recently opened Aubin and Wills along Church Alley. Hidden just off the high street, I'm always popping in to see what I can only dream of owning (oh, why must I spend my student loan on boring things like rent?). Perhaps I go in there a little bit too much as Carrie, the store manager, passed my details on to Lucy in their head office, and was invited to an event they hosted in-store last Friday. Two of my friends and I headed down to listen to the beautiful harmonies of Blue Rose Code and sample the swift brown fox topped cupcakes made by Cake Shop Liverpool (the one with the rad Beatles cakes in Central Station). I had a look at the new collection whilst the band were doing band things pre-performance, and amongst the classic cuts that Aubin and Wills are known for, there were beautiful floral prints, and a navy (favourite colour!) dandelion print playsuit, that would be perfect for telling the time in - don't deny it, everyone believed that the amount of puffs it took to clear a dandelion head equated to the nearest o' clock when they were young! However, the evening soon drew to a close, and we got rather soggy walking home - typical Liverpool. It's not very often that stores host events like this, and it was nice to just spend an evening pretending I don't have coursework due next week (gulp), and indulge in my love of stripes. Obviously. I'm determined to go to the Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch when I'm home this Summer; I feel like I only ever do the same things when I visit London, so do you have any recommendations?

Plus!! The blogger meet up took place on Saturday, and it was lovely to meet such wonderful people at long last. In the vague name of chronology I decided to post this first, what a whacky idea.

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