My soul you can have it.

Photos by Carmen.

Just a quick "hello, how are ya" from me today as I'm sneakily writing this up before leaving work for dinner (read: buffet, and thus pure joy). I haven't had that much time to take photos recently, so you'll have to do with these ones which were taken a few weeks ago. This is Odeonsplatz, which is in the centre of Munich, and home to my favourite Starbucks in town. I've wanted to photograph it ever since I saw Sarah's photos from her visit, but when the opportunity finally arose it decided to rain; some things never change. And, on that note, tempura's calling my name, but I'll be back with my last few Munich posts and more to say soon!


  1. Beautiful Rebecca, that jacket is sheer perfection x

  2. As always I love your outfits and red lippy :)

    Ruth // excusemeforawhile

  3. I always adore your outfits! You look lovely x

  4. You are so gorgeous and I love every piece of your outfit! :)


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