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Boohoo baseball tee: £10. American Apparel skirt: £30. Shoe Zone wedges. Asos over knee socks: £3.60. Charity shop belt: 20p. Marks and Spencer bag: £43. Brandy Melville necklace and ring: €6, €4.
Photos by Lauren.

oans, zwoa, g'suffa

This is definitely a "when in Munich" scenario. It took me six months, but I finally ended up going to Hofbrauhaus: the ultimate and most touristy of all of Bavaria's breweries. Just a stone's throw from the town centre, Hofbrauhaus is home to all things brezel and you can get a litre Maß for €8, which makes it marginally cheaper than Frühlingsfest and Oktoberfest (more on that soon!). Surprisingly when you consider its tourist target market, there seemed to be a lot of Münchners in there, and although I don't think I'd personally make it my local I can certainly see its charm and why people keep returning. Before heading to the beer capital of Europe I was definitely not a fan of the hops-based drink, but there is something about throwing yourself into a culture which makes you accustomed to tastes that you'd otherwise pass on, and can you really not drink beer when you're in Hofbrauhaus? That, and it often costs less than a soft drink, damn you UK duty rates! Now, how to go about ordering a helles in wetherspoons...

Speaking of being back, isn't the weather amazing? Of course, it's set to tip it down this evening and for the rest of the week, but I've been making the most of the sun by snapping some truly British outfit photos which I can't wait to share with you all. But with two more Munich posts to come you'll just have to wait that little bit longer! Other than spending time out in my garden editing away, I've been getting myself back into a routine of eating cheddar and having good ol' catch ups. However much I miss Munich, it is good to be back.


  1. Love your outfit, I want all of it haha, especially your handbag and knee socks! :)

  2. Lovely pictures and outfit - looks like a beautiful place :)

    Gabby @ What She Buys

  3. Really lovely photos. I'll miss these German scenes!


  4. Love your outfit, the colour of the skirt is gorgeous! I love Hofbrauhaus, it's definitely got a certain charm about it :) x


  5. Fabulous outfit, suits you so well darling!

  6. Oh,. I wish I could wear knee socks - they just don't seem to work on my tree trunk legs.


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