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urban outfitters fedora hat
petit bateau breton stripy top women's
vintage black suede skirt
navy and white stripy top
what to wear with a stripy top
Petit Bateau marinière: €42.50. Vintage suede skirt: £8, via charity shop. Urban Outfitters panama hat: £26. Missguided boots. Rotary watch: gift. Initial necklace: gift. Topshop "really ruby" lipstick: £8.
Photos by Carmen.

Now, if there's something I like to wear, it's a stripy t-shirt. You may have noticed my Aubin and Wills number cropping up a fair few times, and I nabbed a cheap H+M one when they were on offer last year, so I think I've proved that I wear them enough to invest in another (or head to bretons anonymous). When it comes to stripes, Petit Bateau know what they're doing, and I'd always wanted one of their marinières (and yellow rain coats, but we'll save that for another day) to finish off my collection, but they're pretty pricey. When I saw they had a store in Munich, I made the mistake of heading in during the January sales, and ended up making a rather rash purchase upon seeing the 50% off signs, but I'd argue that it happens to the best of us. I'm generally a pretty thrifty shopper, and stick to googling for voucher codes when buying online, or, my personal favourite, rummaging through the shelves of charity shops, but every once in a while it's nice to treat yourself to something a little more luxe. This Petit Bateau marinière (posh word for stripy top) is certainly a lot thicker than the H+M one, and is so soft inside that you can tell they make a lot of clothes for children and babies. But enough of me trying to justify this purchase, we all know it's completely down to it having a pocket.


  1. You look gorgeous, as always! I absolutely adore those boots, I think I have a heeled ankle boot addiction developing.


  2. Love the stripes, especially the detailing of the little pocket. The pop of blue with the hat is a nice touch. Great blog.


  3. REBECCA. Please teach me the ways of doing the perfect cat eye.
    I'm also loving this outfit, the stripes are "very you" and the hat looks oh so sophisticated!


  4. I love these photographs, the outfit is so lovely especially the boots and stripes, perfect! ♡ xx


  5. You just look so chic Rebecca! The red lips just complete this look perfectly too! x


  6. Loooove this look! Spot on!


  7. We'll forgive your momentary flush ways - you're a fox! When are you back in the UK? <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. you look pretty babe! happy sunday! xoxo love

  9. Love this outfit! That skirt is so cute and looks great with the stripey top :)

    Great post and outfit! I am now following your blog.

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  10. Love the outfit, the top is so cute :)



  11. Love this outfit and your red lipstick is perfection! x

  12. I love these set of pictures - especially the first! x

  13. That skirt is SO CUTE! What an awesome charity shop find! Also lovin' the striped top, adorable. I've also been a huge fan of striped tops lately.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  14. I looove that skirt! Great outfit.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I love yours! New follower :)

    Alice x


  15. What a gorgeous outfit--love your striped top and hat! Also you blog is just beautiful! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  16. This is a great outfit. Love the monochrome. Also, those boots! I love a good pair of chunky shoes.

    Jess x, Feeling Stylish

  17. Yay for stripy tops! I don't think I've found anything yet that wouldn't go with stripes. Mine are wearing thin too so I think one of these might be a wise investment, especially if they're such good quality. I see that you're from Munich - I've only been to the city once but it's such a lovely place! Followed you on bloglovin and I'm looking forward to reading more pretty posts!
    lily x

  18. I know what you mean about petit bateau tops! I've wanted on for sooooo long but im still having a hard time justifying the price haha Im sure i would be as rash if i saw on in the sale :) Love the hat too!!


  19. Adorable! Great ,you look wonderful :)


  20. These photos were so nice - you looked so pretty and your fashion sense is amazing!

  21. This editing so so inspirational, makes me want to develop my photoshop skills so much!

  22. Also i love the Mighty Boosh link because Bob Fossil.


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