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Print shift dress: c/o Fashion Union. Missguided ankle boots. Rotary watch: gift. Elsie Belle masquerade necklace: £9. Sleek matte lipgloss.
Photos by Carmen.

Considering this is actually the entrance to work's car park, I think I've done a pretty good job of finding the vague dark green location I was looking for in order to photograph this amazing dress from Fashion Union. I've been a bit unfaithful to my usual colour palette of blues with burgundy this season, but I think it'll be coming back with a vengeance as the days get warmer and I have access to my entire wardrobe - miss u babe xoxo. This dress speaks for itself (anyone else think it's got some William Morris vibes? I definitely thought of WM fangirl Jazmine straight away!), so I didn't want to introduce any other colours and instead stuck with my trusty Missguided boots, favourite necklace and a nude lip. If you want to get this dress as well (which they also sell in pink) I'd recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes; I know I haven't been to the gym for a while, but it's not completely down to all that german beer!

Following on my last post's chat about being more personal, this week's been a bit of a mixed bag. Work launched its new tv commercial in P1 which meant lots of bloggers were around and there was a an amazing mid-week party, as well as finally trying out Burger House (which I cannot recommend enough oh my god), but it also meant saying goodbye to one of the closest friends I've made here. Cue, of course, checking how many days I've got left in Munich and several stressed whatsapps and skypes about how I'll be unemployed forever etc. In order to put my life in perspective, today's goals are to send out a few applications while letting my weekly hair mask does its thing, then head out to Olympiapark as I've heard talk of pedalos...

And, due to popular request (i.e. Jazmine and Amy asked for it), here is my lol face - enjoy!

uk fashion blogs



    and this post, nailed it.


  2. Love it, like the details on the pictures too <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Adore the title of this post Rebecca! That dress is just gorgeous! x

  4. The print on this dress is so gorgeous! Stunning lady xx

  5. strong laugh of loud face dude. well onwards, to better things!

    Buckets & Spades

  6. beautiful!

    Aimée x

  7. beautiful dress ! Fashion union have some great stuff at the minute

    Distant Dreamer

  8. LOVE your lol face gurrrl ;) I immediately thought William Morris when I spied this look - absolutely love it. And what a picturesque car park entrance too! They certainly don't make 'em like that here. xx

  9. Officially going to google streetview this picture, so I can come and sit outside your work everyday till I eventually get to hang with you. In that dress of course.

  10. And I am kidding about the stalking you, well only kinda. I want that dress. Actually I want YOU in that dress. Sexual :) xxxxx

  11. Love this dress! Can't believe this is the entrance to your works car park too! How pretty is it!
    Hannah x

  12. Yay, back in the UK soon :) lol face is the best kind of face xx

  13. That pattern is so pretty! Beautiful gurrrrrl x

  14. I love this dress, the pattern is so nice, and also you look great and happy!! thats so nice <3
    Have a beautiful day!


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