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Eye print blouse: c/o Persunmall. American Apparel skirt: £30. Vintage Levi's denim jacket: mum's. Vintage Bally boots: £8, charity shop. Vintage bag: gift. Vintage belt: 20p charity shop. Cheap Monday sunglasses.

So, if you couldn't guess from my "omg scones", "omg nando's", and "omg costa" instagrams over the past few days (fyi, I did do things over than eat, but they're not worth mentioning), I took a quick trip back to the UK. Successfully surprising my mum by casually walking through the front door on Sunday evening, we spent the next day wandering round Battlesbridge, a village which is home to antiques, quaint English countryside, and one of the best presented cream teas I've ever had (and it was only £6!). A rather stark contrast to Saturday's antics which involved picnic-themed cocktails at Purl and shivering for the N550 at an hour I'd rather not think about, I like to think I had a rather well-rounded time at home, rather than spending it entirely in my pyjamas and catching up on lost sleep.

When faced with the prospect of what to bring with me to Germany, I seemed to prioritise teabags over clothes, so opening my wardrobe door was like getting an (almost) new closet. This skirt is an old favourite which hasn't made it onto the blog that often, but I paired it with my new eye-print tee which arrived on my desk the day before heading home - perfect timing! But now I've landed back in Munich, it's about time I stopped putting off heading to the shop and actually prepared for getting back into a routine tomorrow. Thank god I imported over 100 Yorkshire teabags.


  1. You always just look so amazing Rebecca. Your photography is always so stunning too, sounds like you had a great little weekend and I bet your mum loved the surprise! x

  2. This is absolutely lovely outfit! I reallly need to do something nice for my mum too :)xx

  3. Lovely outfit - the jacket is so pretty! :)

  4. I love the colours in your outfit. So cute of you to surprise your Mum too!! xx

  5. Aww, what a grand idea to surprise your mum - bet she was thrilled! :)
    Love your photos x

  6. I love this outfit. I wouldn't have expected all of those pieces to work well together but they just fit :)


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