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French Connection cream jumper: £21.50. Boohoo paisley playsuit. Marks and Spencer bag: £43. Missguided buckle boots. Rotary watch: gift. Mac ravishing lipstick.
Photos by Rosa.

There's nothing better than a lazy afternoon spent with friends in a coffee shop. One afternoon saw Rosa (who's blog is about a billion times cooler than I could ever be) and I doing just that - with a little bit of Zara on the side! As we were passing, we took outfit photos in Max-Joseph-Platz, by the National Theatre. As the vast majority of my photos are taken in a rushed lunch hour, it's rare that I'm able to find a location this beautiful within walking distance, but it does make taking photos so much more fun.

By the time you read this I should be back on British shores - I hope Nando's is ready for me. With plans varying from a night out on Baker Street to a good ol' pub quiz to brunch with the best people (i.e. Sabby and Jazmine), I really don't think I could ask for a better elongated weekend. Unless I had a weekend with optimum temperature yorkshire tea and cheese on toast. I reckon that'd be pretty good too.


  1. Lovely :) I'm always swept away by your photos too <3 xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit and your hair is lovely here!

    Maria xxx

  3. Love this - you look very parisian and chic! x

  4. super super cute paisley! great photos too : )


  5. So stunning Rebecca, that playsuit is just gorgeous! x


  6. Forever loving your photos! I love the second one, with all the paisley pattern around you! <3

  7. Such a beaut - YAY YOU'RE BACK ON ENGLISH SOIL <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. Oh Rebecca, lemme at your wardrobe. Or whatever product you use to make your hair look that nice and beehive - mine never stays in place : (

    And as you're back in t'england I reckon a meeting should be on the cards. Perhaps get the commenter above in on it too?


  9. Rebecca - saw your comment on my blog, it was so sweet! And it also led me to your blog, which I adore! Your outfit here is absolutely lovely (cool title too). Love from NYC! xx

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