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Brunching at Cote Brasserie.

Last minute Mother's Day plans need to be made stat? Get some bubbles involved.

Last weekend, we were invited to try the Côte Brasserie brunch menu, and it'd make for the perfect morning indulgence for you and your mum tomorrow. I headed along with Laura, and met Stacey and Meg at the Côte Brasserie just off Deansgate, meaning it's super central and the perfect location just a little away from the shops. I tried the "french breakfast" rather than a classic full english, which swapped toast for brioche and black pudding for boudin noir which tastes a bit lighter and is going some way to getting me on the black pudding wagon. At under a tenner, there's definitely a little room to splash out on something sparkling, and we were lucky enough to receive a glass of champagne too - well, it's 5pm somewhere, right? The lovely ladies at the Manchester Florist also treated us to a little bouquet of carnations and tulips, who are now sitting pretty in my living room.

For Mother's Day IRL, I'm heading home for a long weekend. After writing this post, I'll be going straight to Piccadilly and spending the evening with Jazmine, before battling rail replacement buses (woe is me) to get home to Essex. I haven't made any specific plans as of yet, but a slow weekend is definitely on the cards! Yesterday was my last day working at Public Desire, so a little rest and relaxation is my plan of (in)action before starting my new job next week. It's all a bit of a change and I'm definitely nervous, but I've missed chatting about clothes every day, (and I still get to talk shoes too). Wish me luck!

What I Wore.

Uniqlo coat. Aubin and Wills striped top. Missy Empire jeans (fit big, size down). Adidas Superstars.

What's On Insta.

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In many ways, they'll miss the good old days.

Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Aubin and Wills stripe top: £30. Chinos (in 'Navy' and 'Chalk'): c/o Fat Face. Vintage bag: gift from Jazmine. New Look sandals. Rotary watch. Nail varnish on both fingers and toes were both Nails Inc freebies - winner.

It's not every day you're met with a sea of bluebells. In fact, I can date the last time I visited Blakes Wood as precisely five years ago. Since, I've seen a whole lot more places, and nowhere really compares to here for the mid-May blooms.

Back then, I'd just finished a shift at my weekend job in Fat Face, so it seemed apt for this to be the location for a little blue and white themed post with the brand. I'm queen of packing little for a long time (if I want to, I can also pack a lot), often turning up at a friend's for the night with essentials tightly packed into something smaller than my gym bag. So, when they asked me to pick two things from their holiday shop to style up, I went for the least Summery chinos, on the basis that they're travel-friendly for running through airports and up escalators, yet look good with everything from stripy tees to silk blouses when things are a little more chilled. I probably wouldn't recommend shimmying into the white pair after coming out of the sea as they're a bit see-through, but we all know I feel more comfortable at a bar, swimming in a hot waiter's eyes. Now, all I need is a flight...

On another completely unrelated note, have you started to get into Periscope yet? Find me @rebeccacohen for insights into my day, to hear my not-very-Essex accent and lower the percentage of weird men telling me it's OK to be drunk.

I want you we can bring it on the floor.

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Aubin and Wills breton top: £30. American Apparel corduroy skater skirt: £15, via ebay. Topshop buckle strap boots: £76.50. Urban Outfitters fedora hat: £26. Knitted scarf: borrowed from Sadie. Charity shop belt: 20p. Asos over knee socks: £3.60. STYLIGHT tote bag. Essie "lapiz of luxury".
Photos in front of Brandenberg Gate by Carmen.

I've never quite managed to take outfit photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, and definitely haven't bothered to fight the crowds on Southbank to score the perfect Houses of Parliament shot à la Jazmine and Cat (in fact, my only recognisable background was probably the Disneyland Paris castle, although I am pretty proud of that one), but at least we all took the opportunity to be Berlin tourists and take some photos in front of Brandenberg Gate.

On our last full day, we headed down to the site of the evening's festivities (more on that later!) and to do our best tourist act, albeit without those "look! I have this massive gate between my forefinger and thumb!!" photos - missed opportunity, I know. From my personal experience, Berlin may be better known for its graffiti and nightlife (and serving burgers from a converted public toilet, which is on my to-do list next time folks, next time) when visiting, but it's still home to all those things you learnt about in your History A Level. Much like Saint Paul's, I've got no idea how this beautiful piece of architecture survived the air raids, but I sure am glad Brandenberg Gate was preserved.

As I've now passed my halfway point in Munich, maybe it's about time I started sharing the touristy places I walk through on a daily basis on my blog too, because, even if they're cliché, there's no shame in being a tourist in your own city.

Now then mardy bum.

what to wear with mom jeans
zara navy coat
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mememe cosmetics sparkle lip gloss swatch
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missguided black buckle chelsea boots
Zara navy coat: £30. Aubin and Wills breton top: £30. Brag vintage mom jeans (new'uns here). Buckle chelsea boots: c/o Missguided. Topshop frilly socks: gift. Rotary watch: gift. Mememe cosmetics "sparkle" lipgloss.
Photos by Carmen.

Kavita always used to mock my smiling blog photos, but when you look at these it's pretty obvious that my standard facial expression is "bitch face". Surprisingly, I wasn't actually hating life when taking these photos, whatever my face may say otherwise. Anyway...

Considering I never wore jeans a year ago, this is turning into a staple outfit, à la Mlle Purvis. I remember her trying on a pair of AA mom jeans in Liverpool and quite clearly thinking that I'd never ever wear a pair myself, but it would appear that I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Paired with my favourite Aubin & Wills (RIP) breton, some kick-ass boots, and with frilly topshop ankle socks peeping out, I feel like this is something that I can just slip on without too much thought when I wake up bleary eyed in the morning. And, look mum, no burgundy!

Today I'm heading out to see the Nelson Mandela film with a few of my friends, which is the first time I've been to the cinema since seeing Les Mis last year. I'm not really a cinema person, and much prefer watching films in the comfort of my pyjamas, but as this is a little bit of a novelty I'm going to leave the tight jeans at home and go for a smock dress to match my portion of popcorn. A very large portion.


Sailor coat: £63, Topshop (old). Breton t-shirt: £30, Aubin and Wills. Jeans: £13.50, Topshop (now deceased). Boots: Stylistpick. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Hat: £10, vintage. "R" necklace: gift, Urban Outfitters. Cross-body bag: French Connection.
Blurry photos courtesy of Brad's media GCSE

The past week has been a very dull blur of word documents and consuming magnitudes of tea, but my dissertation has finally been submitted - hoorah! I'm sure third year university students will appreciate the stress, and the sudden excess of relief when you hand over your hand-bound copies. No outfit posts from that time, unless you want to see my incredibly fashionable primark jammies?

These photos feel like relics from a past age, but they were barely taken a month ago. One of the more cultural exploits from my trip to Paris was a wander up the hill to the Sacré-Cœur. We viewed the parisian vista at twilight, slowly watching all the lights below flicker on. It would almost have been romantic had we not all been singing a bizarre One Direction medley with the few snatches of songs we actually knew. After all, when in Paris... A little photo diary is in the works, so prepare yourself for plenty of cringe-y tourist photos!



Meet and drink and pollinate.

it's cohen - uk fashion blog: wiwt, ootd, liverpool fashion week, aw12 it's cohen - uk fashion blog: wiwt, ootd, liverpool fashion week, aw12 it's cohen - uk fashion blog: wiwt, ootd, liverpool fashion week, aw12 it's cohen - uk fashion blog: wiwt, ootd, liverpool fashion week, aw12 it's cohen - uk fashion blog: wiwt, ootd, liverpool fashion week, aw12
Striped Breton tee: £30, Aubin and Wills. Corduroy circle skirt: £15, American Apparel via ebay. Grey cardigan: £63, Carven via sample sale. Denim jacket: £63, Hobbs. Horse belt: £1, Primark. Ship necklace: Toujours Toi. Granny/child bag: £4, vintage. Eye ring: £2.25, Topshop. Watch: gift, Rotary. Grey Alea boot: c/o Stylistpick. Lipstick: Mischief, Topshop.

I like having access to a roof.

This is what I wore to Liverpool Fashion Week yesterday (more on that when I can work out how to edit videos; YouTube newbie over here!). Surrounded by a sea of sequins, I felt pretty casual, but crouching for a fair few hours in the marked photographer area made me feel slightly less ashamed of leaving my skyscraper heels at home. These boots were sent to me by the lovely Stylistpick girls after meeting them at The Apartment, and they are my new favourites. However much I love my chelsea boots, I have worn them to destruction, and it's reaching the stage where no amount of pleading in the cobblers will make them re-heel them. I am, surprisingly considering Liverpool's temperament, yet to weather test their replacements, but they're comfy enough to wear all day, which is an added bonus, and something I ought to consider more seriously when purchasing footwear. Although, life would be dull and a little less interesting if everything were done for the greater good (and to not get blisters).

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