Once upon a December.

And, just in case you were wondering, Frojo designs christmas cards, Sainsbury's mug and Phoenix cards wrapping paper.

Much like how is it dark that early, I can't help but ask myself just how is it December already? Having had the C word on the brain for the last few months, I've managed to compartmentalise it in The Distant Future department, and now we've got the bare trees, crisp mornings and ready-made excuses to keep Yorkshire Tea on tap before I've even begun to think about my plans for the month. And now we're three days in. Wandering among the evergreen trees made me rather melancholic about knowing we're due to put up a fake tree this year as opposed to the real deal, but it'd be more than a little sad for these grand folks to only be seen by a few people. Even without being covered in tinsel or (inevitably broken) fairy lights, I think they look rather festive, so it was only fair I decided to add a red lip, dig out my oldest and most faithful red dress and pull on a christmas jumper for the occasion. New Look challenged me to dig out some old Christmas jumper photos which has given me the chance to scroll through the archives for a little lol at my own expense. The closest I could find was this little gem (which now lives with my friend Clarity!), but I did love stumbling across this old post, i.e. the first set of photos from my DSLR that I was truly happy with - memories!

Has anyone got exciting plans for this month? I'm happy to have my first non-weekend/bank holiday day off in what feels like forever on Friday for a pre-birthday celebration, but I'm not quite sure how I'll spend it yet. As long as there's red lipstick involved, I'm sure I'll be fine.


  1. Loving the Christmas jumper!!! Definitely getting all of mine out for this festive season!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  2. This is beautiful, festive, and comfy-looking! You look awesome and the photography is divine. I'm also loving how it gets dark so early... there's just something calming about it :)

  3. Oh wow that jumper's so pretty! I just love your photography Rebecca, all your posts are so stunning x


  4. Love the photos - such a pretty sweater! And red lipstick should always be involved ;)

  5. You look so beautiful in these photos! I love your red skirt and sweater :)
    Hope you have fun at your pre-birthday celebration!! :)


  6. Lovely jumper! I have my eye on the Fat Face deer head one! :)


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