And I hope you're holding hands by new year's eve + a little treat for you!

Anthropologie Lillie playsuit: £98. Anthropologie faux fur bag: £58. Zara coat: £30. Christian Louboutin pigalle: £75, charity shop.

To go out or not to go out, that is the question. When Anthropologie asked me which of the two I'd be siding with this New Year's Eve, it took me all of three seconds to decide. As someone who is always in serious fear of FOMO, I tend to plug for the former, and have spent many a weekend (this one included) raising a glass to friends and shaking a tailfeather. I'm yet to make this year's celebrations concrete, but there's no doubt that a small group of us will make our way into the night, sure to see in 2015 with a smile and plenty of so-good-they're-bad dance moves - irresistible, I know! As a dance floor veteran, I'd like to think I've got my night out wardrobe down to a tee, leaving the stress purely down to how much my eyebrows want to cooperate. LBDs go without saying, the flattering colour hides many a sin and spilt vodka coke, but of late I've found myself leaning towards playsuits in the shade, which are the perfect mid-ground of pretty and dignity-saving. This little lace-trim number is plain enough to dress up with bright jewels, or let your faux fur bag do the talkin' (and you do the strokin', no weird here) instead.

Knowing that we had a new years theme, Sabby and I headed along to the place we knew placed a pretty big importance on time: Greenwich. Just a hop, skip and jump away from the meridian line, we looked over London ("you can see my house!") and made our first resolution to explore more areas of it in 2015.

Want to give that NYE outfit a pretty helping hand? 

Anthropologie have very kindly offered me a £50 voucher to give away to one of my readers. All you have to do is vote for whether you're going out or staying in as the clocks strike the hour on the Anthropologie blog and leave a comment below with your email address letting me know which of the two you favour - good luck!

Looking for what to spend those pennies on? I've created a little mood board of my favourite things online right now - velvet! Embellishment! Lace! - for you to have look over and ponder what you'd add to your wishlist..


  1. Looking beautiful Rebecca! I love your snaps too, please may you take me to that charity shop (stfu!).

    I voted for staying out, because if you can't get overly glammed up, whip out your chic little black dress and stand tall in your beautiful heels, when can you? Amen! x my address is, email me the charity shop details, no really.

  2. ahhhh love your photos - were these taken in greenwich? and going out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also my email is flippin love anthro xx

  3. Love the outfit and that view, oh my! Definitely loving everything about this post ... as always!

    I voted to stay in, NYE is so overpriced and chilly. Unless you have a house party to go to, but getting to the age where those are few and far between. Nothing better than games, food and cocktails at home with the possibility of a Netflix binge in your jammies.


  4. Ahhh you look gorgeous! Hopefully I'll be going out, as last year I was in a onesie watching tv in Blackpool! NYE can be an anticlimax but I'm crosssing my fingers that it can change this year!

  5. I voted for staying in...with a cocktail, or two! Gorgeous outfit!!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. Pretty sure I'll be staying in. I always find New Years to be such a disappointment, last year I stayed in on my own, was in bed by 12 and had the best one I've had in a while, but hey, I love my bed!

  7. Staying in with friends, wine, and lots of cheesy TV!

  8. I'm not exactly who you'd call a party animal, but I voted for going out, even though I don't have any plans yet! I usually get together with my best friend and we spend this day drinking lots of champagne and listening to music, but I wouldn't mind doing something even more fun this year! My email is: :)

  9. I actually hate NYE I think I shall be staying in and working!

  10. I will definitely be staying in, so much more fun than facing the crowds.

    Lovely photos of Greenwich, one of my favourite places in London.

    My email is lisa @ (sorry for the spaces but I fear spambots).

  11. Staying in! Not sure whether we're going to have family/friends over but I'll definitely be celebrating in the warmth and comfort of home x

    My email is :)

  12. I'm all about the fluffy bags! That one is so cute, I think I want to make one in a pastel colour like that next.

    Chambray & Curls

  13. Looking lovely (as usual!) I'll be staying in this year which I'm really looking forward to :) My email is

    Maria xxxx

  14. I voted going out :) I love the fur shrug. Here's my tweet :

    and my email is :)

    Best of luck to all x

  15. I do love a good night out but I had to vote for staying in- this year my close girlfriends and I will be having a semi-sophisticated dinner party, so we still get a reason to dress up :) my email is xx

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