We missed you, hissed the lovecats.

Indian Cat Sweater: c/o Skip n' Whistle. Leather skirt: £13.50, Topshop. Anna £76.50. Bracelet: gift, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Necklaces: vintage, elsie belle, and grace face boutique. Ears: cat's own.

When I lived in Halls in first year, one of my flatmates commented on how I always "dressed up" for uni. I'd never really noticed until then that the general uniform of the lecture theatre consists of jeans and a t-shirt with trainers or ballet slippers, and I suppose, in comparison, I was making a bit of an effort. I think over the years I've naturally collated a wardrobe that consists of separates that are basic enough to pair bleary-eyed without even thinking, and I've found myself grabbing this Skip N' Whistle sweatshirt quite a lot recently to keep me warm as possible while the skies threaten snow. And it has cats dressed as indians on it, which I think is enough to convince anyone to ditch the denim. I'm also sporting my (ridiculously overpriced and I definitely shouldn't have bought them) shoes that I've been eyeing up in Topshop for months since seeing them on Amy's blog a while ago. Like what happens every time I buy a new pair, they're The One, and I think it's going to get pretty serious guys.

But, more importantly, here's my plan for tonight. Come at me, chicken.


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the jumper! x

  2. ahhh i need that jumper!!
    such lovely photos

  3. Mmm...Nandos! Love your shoes, too xo

  4. I love your shoes! Such a cute outfit!

    Emma x

  5. Oh my word that sweatshirt.
    I completely understand about the shoes, I do exactly the same thing, get a new pair and wear them constantly for a few weeks...

  6. You look beautiful, I adore those shoes! I used to get some really funny looks at uni, the majority of people in my lectures wore Jack Wills sweatpants :(

    Maria xxx

  7. Aw lovely post! I love that you've mixed your basics whilst keeping it slightly dressed up for uni! Those shoes are gorgeous wow! x


  8. People at uni used to say the same to me but since I left I think I've gotten more scruffy...weird! Lovely outfit as always xxx

  9. I feel sad going to uni if I don't like what I'm wearing, I feel kind of out of place sometimes in amongst the sweatpants and hoodies, especially at my 8am classes. Those shoes are super duper cool, and I love your sweatshirt - so cute!


  10. love your shoes!


    Kamila xx

  11. Can I have your shoes please, they're flippin' amazing! Looking gorgeous! x

  12. That is a Class A jumper. Amazing. X

  13. P.s. I visited Liverpool for one day recently and fell in love. What a beautiful city! I blogged about Bold Street - I wish I lived nearby and could go all the time X

  14. cute jumper- please check out our new blog post and feel free to leave a comment :-) xx

  15. Cute cute cute! You know I always love your posts :) xxx

  16. Love the skirt! I wouldn't really say I 'dress up' for uni, but I've been told I do - I just prefer to feel basically put together, I know I wouldn't feel right if I turned up in jeans and trainers anywhere, even at uni!

  17. Wow. I had to do a double take at the Anglican Cathedral there as I never expect bloggers in my home city! I've been away from it for 7 years in London, I love that I've found you posting photos of it! May I link you on my blog? (secondhandcoat dot tumblr)

    1. hello lovely, it's always nice to know that there are liverpool based, or liverpool lovin' bloggers around! of course you're welcome to link me, i'd love to see when it's up! xx

  18. You do realise I now kind of hate you for owning those shoes... ;)
    Ah, I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE. I don't actually know why I still have not bought them, so so so perfect. They look amazing on you!


  19. What an utterly beautiful setting for photographs, so stunning! And I have serious shoe envy too xo


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