In bed with Rebecca and Jazmine.

I'm wearing a Ted Baker pyjama set, and Jazmine wears dressing gown, both courtesy of Debenhams.

And now for something completely different. Although I may be (in everything but title) the brand ambassador of my local club, sometimes it's nice to spend the evening with a pizza the size of a small country, face masks and countless cups of tea. Last weekend Jazmine and I did just that, catching up on our antics from the previous weekend in a slightly more wholesome manner.

To help fuel our late night chats, Debenhams asked if we'd like to get involved in a #DebsSleepover - an offer we couldn't resist! Cue a massive box of goodies turning up at my office containing everything we could possibly wish for to make the perfect sleepover (admittedly the sweets might not have made it out of the building...). It's not often that I let myself completely relax, but it was nice to talk babes, boys and biscuits with one of my best friends and ignore most of what was happening outside her bedroom, except for the fifty texts I received around 4am - group chats have their flaws. The next morning, we coerced Barri into taking some photos for us while we tried not to laugh at her terrible jokes (not sorry) between sips of tea.

I hope you like this slight departure from normal outfit posts, but I think it's just the right time to take a moment to relax on a Sunday and not think about the C word with just four sleeps to go - let me know your best sleepover stories, as I'd love to hear them!

ps, don't forget to enter to win a £50 Anthropologie voucher - closes Christmas Eve!


  1. Beautiful post! Always lovely to have you stay over xx I'll have more of my terrible jokes ready for you on your next visit :) x

  2. I love this so much, how darn cute are you two!
    Chambray & Curls

  3. You too are just so cute!

    Maria xxx

  4. You two are my favourites!! Such perfect ensembles and I love this little set of photographs.

  5. I love this post! The photos are beautiful and so refreshingly different! Lucy, xx

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