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primark check brushed coat
clarks black leather loafers
primark AW14 fashion coats
river island full time fashion blogger sweatshirt

Primark's game is strong right now. When I headed to Lakeside I picked up a fair amount of their AW14 offerings, including this beautiful check print coat which I'm sure will become a blogger favourite before the season's up as we do tend to have pretty good taste. Inspired by Caroline's simple styling (and a niggling hangover), I paired my new wonder-coat with my faithful Ridley jeans and a sweatshirt that's just made for Sundays spent make-up free in the gym.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of loafers ever since I saw Alexa Chung in those Russell and Bromley loafers, and have been through my fair few pairs bought from ebay. As I'm the kind of girl that'd rather walk two tube stops than suffer underground, I'm rather reluctant to drop a small fortune on a pair of shoes which will last me a year at most, so instead started shopping around: cue Clarks. Since those chunky heeled boots that everyone had in year nine, I've only had one pair of shoes from there, but while wandering around their Oxford Street store whilst waiting to meet friends for pizza (what else is new here?) I couldn't help but pick up a pair. Even if they are particularly painful to break in, I can tell already that these are going to be an all-weather staple.

Right now I'm catching up on everyone else's blogs whilst Sunday Brunch is on in the background and my tea brews (such a classic mix of Essex and Liverpool, as you can see above!). Sometimes it's nice to have a Sunday completely switched off, even if it doesn't happen all that often!


  1. I got that coat a month or so ago, and I'm in absolute love with it!


  2. I just adore that coat, it's stunning! Primark are pulling out all the stops at the moment, they've got some incredible pieces in! x


  3. Love this coat! I really need to get shopping for one before all the nice ones go. x

  4. Scarf twins!!!

    Very nearly bought this coat too ha!


  5. Love that coat! Lovely photos as always xx


  6. Love the coat, I think it's nearly time for my yearly Primark binge so I'll probably copy you.
    I also watched Sunday Brunch, why was Chris Ramsey shunned to the table on his own?!

  7. Ah, that coat! I managed to snap up almost the exact same coat for £1.04 on ebay and have put it away somehwere and now can't remember where it is!

  8. I've been hunting for the perfect black loafers for ages but didn't think to check Clarks, might have to now. Also what is that fantastic tea jug thing, is it a tea cafetiere? Whatever it is I want it! x


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