I heard the truth was built to bend.

Oasis floral denim dress: £5, via sample sale. Vintage bag: 50p. Clarks two tone sandals: c/o Cloggs. Little Nell key necklace. Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet: gift. Rotary watch: gift.

Another Saturday, another pub lunch (FYI, this time I went for a burger instead of fish and chips, and only realised that I hadn't photographed it when I was halfway through. Tough luck, pals). Yesterday we were told to make the most of the sunny weather as Bertha's due to have her stormy ways today, so we vowed to spend as much of the day outside as we possibly could. Sandals were a must, but I fancied a change after wearing my asos ones to death, and debuted my new Clarks ones from Cloggs. I like the patent toes on these ones, which make them slightly more transitional than my woven pair, and they look a lot, dare I say it?, classier to boot (clearly got chelsea boots on the brain, despite the weather...). I do need to wear them in, but Clarks shoes will always be comfy, so these two will be sticking around for a while.

Since I started at Oasis, I've found myself surrounded by pretty prints and girly cuts, and it seems to be slowly making its way into my wardrobe. Of course, a sample sale is going to help that along nicely, and this denim dress was the first thing I picked up when confronted with a car park full of rails - fate, amirite? I don't think it ever made its way into stores so I've picked out some similar styles below because I'm not that much of a tease, but I love the muted floral print of this one and the shape may even tempt me out of smock dress territory on special days.

Also, that penultimate photo features what looks like a rabbit in the tree bark. Yes. Yes it does.


  1. That dress is so pretty! rockin' it

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. Ah you can't beat a sampler sale. Especially when they sell dresses like that!

  3. I love those shoes! Who'd have thought they were Clarks?

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  4. Gorgeous dress! Can't believe it only cost you a fiver, lucky thang! Lovely shoes too, I'd never have guessed they were Clarks...I think they look vintage! x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. oooh I love the shoes, and burger pub lunch is making my belly rumble xxx

  6. Your dress is just so pretty, oh, and your photography is always breath taking too Rebecca! So stunning x


  7. That dress is so pretty, love the necklace too!

    Julia x

  8. Adore this dress on you! Love the bag too :)

  9. I love this outfit! I love how the bag and shoes go together, and the print on the dress is so cute too


  10. You really suit the girly florals mate, don't resist 'em! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. cute lil shift dress, love the shoes too!

    lacee swan

  12. LOVELY photos!! I want to go on a countryside walk with yooou. x

  13. Looove these shoes! From one Oasis girl to another, I want to hit up that sample sale haha! <3

    Tara xo

  14. You look lovely, great print on the dress.



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