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five photos that make me happy

I remember getting a chain letter once, a real one in the post (this was pre-broadband and the computer made weird chirruping noises every time I wanted to look up cheats for the Sims #rememberrosebud). My mum declared it rubbish and it was promptly discarded, but these odd little things still live on, going through MySpace bulletins to posts on tumblr with hundreds of thousands of notes. My mum's scepticism has worn off somewhat and I tend to roll my eyes whenever I see them floating around, but when my friend Georgia tagged me on facebook prompting me to share five photo that make me happy, I thought that I might just give this one a little look-in. After a lot of whittling, here we go with no further ado - hooray!

one - the lads

Who knew the kids I went to sixth form with would still be the ones I buy misguided absinthe shots with? Here's to multiple courses of Christmas dinner and maybe that trip to Paris we mentioned in May...

two - blogging, and everything that comes with it

Three hundred and sixty-two three posts later, pressing publish means I've met some of the coolest cats out there, not to mention moving abroad, trying new things (and maybe trying too many burgers) and fuelling that unhealthy relationship with asos. It can be a little up and down, but I can't deny that my life's been a whole lot more fun with the smiles blogging has provided.

three - "let's start from the beginning, shall we?"

This rather grainy shot was taken at the best gig ever (although Finsbury Park was pretty good). They might not be achingly cool or have a singer who's a member of the twenty-seven club, but Arctic Monkeys will always have a place in my heart, and I can't thank them enough for the friends I've made through it (yes Blake, shout out for you).

four - london town

Liverpool's up there as somewhere I will always love, but home is where the heart is. I may never have been a zone one dweller - this photo was taken whilst on a photography walk the other night - but there's nothing quite like the excitement of the capital city. AND it has several hummus restaurants.

five - the hours lost to magnet

Taking this full circle to the girl who tagged me to do this, are the friends I made at university. I love knowing people from all over, but these ones (plus Clarity!) are the ladies I know I'll always be able to laugh till I ache all over with, and I really don't think you could ask for any more.

I tag Jazmine, Kavita, Carmen, Olivia, Camilla and everyone reading this who needs to remember that sometimes you just need to pause and remember that the little things are the most important.

If you liked this, I'd recommend reading Lisette's blog and her "Thankful Thursday" feature - enjoy!

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  1. My Sims cheat memories consist of 'motherlode' and getting a MOTHERLOAD of moolah to make the best house ever with whoever was top of my 'top five' list in school (if you know, you know!). I looove that you use disposables, really brings out the nostalgia when looking back at fun memories!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic


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