It was her heart that he was stealing.

Oasis leather collar shift dress: £5, via sample sale. Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Bally chelsea boots: £8. Cath Kidston leather bag: gift. Topshop lace frill socks: £3. Topshop really ruby lipstick and BECCA Hotel California lipgloss.

Hello, weekend! However much I adore the pace of my job, I can't help but savour a little bit of an escape from the computer screen - and a little bit more sleep! One sunny Saturday I headed over to the ever-faithful Lakeside - a shopping centre in Essex, for those not in the know - to fill my wardrobe with winter pastels and, ahem, another fedora. We went for a little stroll along the lakeside (how could I resist?) to make the most of summer's last rays before coats and tights become a necessity. Or wellingtons, knowing the British weather...


  1. Ah Rebecca you look so pretty! And gotta love the Essex institution of lakeside!

  2. you look amazing girl!! I absolutely love your hair right now and this clutch bag .. awww :) i miss you!!!! xx

  3. You just look so gorgeous!! Lakeside is so close to me but I never go...I really should! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! <3


  5. Such a doll Rebecca, you look stunning! Just so so beautiful x

  6. Oh balls I scrolled right the way to the bottom to see where your jacket was from haha! You look fab mate, it looks like such a pretty spot too :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. aww you look so gorgeous! love love love that leather jacket x

  8. Great pictures, amazing outfit! You look so beautiful! :)

    Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

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