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Urban Outfitters smock dress: £58. Laura Ashley trench coat. Dolcis pink loafers: c/o Brantano. Topshop lace trim socks: £3.50. Luella clutch bag: £67, via ebay. Rotary watch: gift. Brandy Melville "thug life" necklace: €6. Michael Kors sunglasses.

As I put this outfit on, it kind of felt like I was dressing as myself a few years ago. Considering I used to wear it all the time, it's surprising that this Urban Outfitters dress has only once made it into a blog post. When I received these dusky pink loafers in the post I immediately thought of this dress, and had a quick browse through Charlie's archives for a little bit of rainy day outfit inspiration - certainly beats the lazy jeans and stripy tee combination I was initially planning on, doesn't it?* My style has developed into something of a uniform recently, reflecting the early starts and late nights perhaps a little too much, perhaps. Appreciate the cheeky #tbt (...w) to my Chung lovin' days, and don't expect to see so much pink again for a long, long time.

Seeing as I haven't talked about ~life for a bit on here, I guess we're due a catch-up. I'm currently interning at Oasis (think social media, copywriting, creating online content, etc.), so please do tweet me your blog posts if you've worn their stuff and I'll get pinning! Other than that, it's been a bit quiet as I haven't planned any last minute trips to the other end of the country. Instead I've been meeting up with blogging babes Jazmine and Megan, as well as getting myself a little bit too acquainted with Winchester cocktails on a Saturday night. However, I did book hotels for my friend's hen party and wedding on Monday night, so I'm looking forward to exploring a few more northern cities at the end of the Summer. Until then, I'm staying in the South East, and I'm going to just have to deal with staying in one place for more than a few weeks at a time (send help).

*A result of me having lost my jeans. I'm going to have to admit my floordrobe's got a little out of hand...


  1. Gorgeous! I love my mac but it really hasn't been the weather for it recently has it?
    This post really does make me want to pick up the silver loafers I have been lusting over too (I know yours aren't silver but they are loafers!)

    Rachael at

  2. Stunning, that dress is just so so pretty x

  3. Love that first pic eurgh. So demure, like butter wouldn't melt hehe. If only I was down South for longer than just graduation, we might have finally met up on your side of town!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  4. Cute outfit! I love your Laura Ashley coat :)
    Great photography too xoxo

  5. Stunning photographs! You look so pretty! I adore that mac!

  6. I love this outfit! The clutch is so pretty and I love the colours! x

    India Charlotte♥

  7. Oh you, these photos are beautiful, as is that babe of a trench. I suppose you are't too bad either ;)

  8. Love this dress! I am well up for a trip south, give me dates etc and we can plan a reunion with Claire, Gem etc?

    Maria xxx

  9. Love the dress and the bag reminds me of holidays.

  10. This outfit is crazy cute - and I especially love the bag. Accessories are always my weakness!

  11. Ah I hope Oasis is going well Rebecca! You look lovely as usual!

  12. You look lovely! And that little clutch bag has the prettiest of details, enjoy the hen do! x

    The Little Things

  13. i'm lovin' all of the neutral tones teamed together, lady. i definitely see what you mean about this outfit being an 'old school rebecca' look! x

  14. such beautiful photos and this outfit is adorable! tanya x

  15. Attempt to settle on the most broad things, for example, speed to start with, before pushing forward to the particular wedding tune first move determination.


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