The witching hour.

Asos lace smock dress: £14. Urban Outfitters straw hat: £12 (not online, but they still have them in the Spitalfields store). Selected Femme heels: c/o Logonstyle. Pandora bracelet, via Joshua James Jewellery. Vintage leather belt: 20p, via charity shop. Topshop really ruby lipstick. Barry M navy nail varnish.

There are definitely some unintentional witchy vibes in this outfit: let's just say the storms have awakened something in me. That, or not getting much sleep and then forcing myself to the gym puts me in a foul mood, which is probably much more likely. After a late night asos order found itself on my bed after spending the weekend celebrating Jazmine's 22nd, it was a case of bedroom catwalk, and I knew exactly how I wanted to style this lace smock dress. Sometimes I forget that when asos say oversized they mean that it's quite plausible for you to attempt to get two of you in it (tip: size down), so I can't quite work the boho babin' vibes that the model shows, and instead went to the best twenty pence purchase of my life (other than a Freddo) to nip it in at the waist and prove that I'm not actually six months gone. Moving on from the dress I decided to pop on my bargain urban outfitters sunhat and Selected Femme heels. It was a bit weird to have the elevation after falling out of the habit of wearing high heels on my Saturday night ritual (maybe I am a witch, my cauldron just contains a double vodka lemonade), but these babies are just too perfect to leave in their box for any time longer than absolutely necessary. A slick of red lipstick later, and, really, I think these witches knew they were totally onto a good thing...


  1. Utterly spectacular Rebecca x

  2. Such a pretty dress, and those shoes are amazing. Looking just stunning lady xx


  3. Gorgeous photos pretty lady! x

  4. I love this outfit! Those shoes are a force to be reckoned with, I want some!

  5. Love this dress and it looks great with the belt - smocks usually scare me.

  6. Fab dress chick, I've done that with asos before got a massive tee


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