Switchblade smiles, they go on for miles.

Look at me, pretending I care about the World Cup. Every four years, I have the full intention of paying attention to what's happening in the stadium, yet every time I realise I have a life (soz if you're a fan, but watching football on TV just doesn't appeal all that much). I'll obviously be rooting for Germany in tonight's World Cup final as I think living in Bavaria for six months gives me that tenuous right, but otherwise today is a day like any other, and I fully intend to spend 90% of it in my pyjamas. It does however provide ample caipirinha opportunities, so I guess it's not all drunk middle aged men in pubs.

Always one for a theme, I did think I ought to get into the spirit somehow, and wore my new Converse for the first time. I used to own a few pairs of high tops, but then went through my phase of feeling incredibly short and finding that an inch or two would be preferable to comfort. Give it a few years, and I've decided that maybe permanent blisters aren't worth it, and it sure is swell (geddit?) to be reunited with such a comfy pair of chucks. Add in a pair of jeans, a floaty gingham top, and a dash of wind, and you've got an outfit that's at least pub final ready, if not Brazil suitable - can't blame a girl for trying!


  1. The background of these photos is so cool :)
    I'm also rooting for Germany today!

  2. Utterly stunning Rebecca x


  3. Gingham looks so cute on you - I love it!


  4. Beautiful photos hun - you look lovely!!

  5. Such a cute top! And may I ask what camera/camera lens you are using? The photos look so amazing.

    xx Joy

  6. Very nice blog! it has a nice feeel to it if you know what i mean.


  7. That peplum looks great on you x


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