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When you have to say "could today possibly get more British?", you know you're having a pretty good day. Last weekend, my mum and I headed to the local village fayre in the blazing sunshine for some good old fashioned fun (quite literally, in the case of some of the books they had for sale there - talk about antiques!). If you're not acquainted with this truly british pastime, just think of condensing all our stereotypes into one day, and projecting them onto a village green. We're talking tea and cake served in mismatched antique crockery, middle aged men manning the barbecue, the scouts hosting a tombola, homegrown tomato plants being sold for 50p and pin the tail on the donkey - sounds dreamy, right? Add in the glorious sunshine, a happy couple getting married in the church next door (check out those wheels!) and heading to the pub for a cider on the way home, and you've got yourself the most perfect Saturday, in my eyes.

This asos smock dress has been in my life for a fair while now, and despite wearing it at least once a week for the past two months it somehow hasn't made it in front of the camera. I like its smock shape (duh), but how it can also be unpopped to make it into a matching crop top and skirt set. I know that Kristabel's enamoured of her crawlies print version, but I'm rather partial to this little dotty number. I decided to debut my new dainty Pandora bracelet too, which makes a welcome change from the chunky leather watch that usually adorns my wrist. I always feel a little lost without an arm party, namely due to having no idea what the time is, but I'd happily replace my timepiece for something a little classier when the moment/tan lines need it.


  1. Ah I have that spotted version. Where can't all dresses unpop? Amazing!

  2. Stop looking so amazing will ya! ; ) Absolutely loving this dress, especially how it unpops to a top and skirt - such a genius idea?!

    It sounds like you had such a lovely day out, can't beat a village fayre especially in the sunny weather!

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  3. Oh wow your photos are so dreamy! And what a cute little village. This is so pretty <3 xx

  4. I almost ordered this dress a few months ago, before settling on a slightly different sunflower number, but still absolutely love it. The two piece idea is genius, and you look so lovely in it. Really pretty photos xx


  5. I love the print of this dress, it's absolutely gorgeous. The two piece feature is such an ingenious idea. Love it!



  6. Whatttt how have I only just discovered these dresses, I want them all now!

  7. It unpops?! That is genius! Also, those lovely pictures of the cake are making me super hungry

  8. Love this sunflower print - they always make me think of the sunniest days!

  9. I love everything about this post. It really does sound like the perfect day. I had that dress in my saved basket on Asos for weeks and weeks and seeing it here really makes me wish I'd bought it! It looks great on you x


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