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After my Brilliantly British post, it didn't seem to take me long to try out the Heybridge Basin tearooms. In fact, all I required was a day off and a slight bit of persuasion on my mum's part and we were out the door. As it was a bank holiday the weather decided to (technical term right here) piss it down, so it only felt apt to go for something nautical. I found this co-ord set when my mum was cleaning out her wardrobe before we moved house last year. I'm well aware that it's not flattering in the slightest but it's stripy and so comfy that I honestly couldn't care less. And I call myself a style blogger...

Regardless, it was lovely to wander round a new corner of Essex I'd previously left undiscovered for a few hours (yes, we ended up in a pub to "take shelter from the rain", shame that) that is only about twenty minutes away from where I live, and I got to climb on walls when it explicitly said to not climb on the walls. Can't keep this little rebel down.


  1. I love your co-ord - it is so cute! And really gorgeous photos from your day out x

  2. these shots are all so beautiful and british and moody - i love 'em! lovin' your outfit too, lady xx

  3. Oooh ya little rebel! ;) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. Well, I really like the stripes and I miss the seaside.

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