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It hardly feels like it (talk about a whirlwind), but just a week ago I was stood in a rather muddy field in Manchester singing myself hoarse at Sam Smith. The lovely people at Yahoo Lifestyle invited me up to sample the northern soul and snap some street style photos (that bit's coming soon!). Seeing as I took a load of photos, I thought it'd make sense to separate them into two posts, so here's day one for your delectation.

I haven't been to Manchester since last November, but it certainly fulfilled my expectations: it rained. A lot. The Saturday was a bit of a washout, and I still feel like I've got a little bit of mud on me somewhere, but the music more than made up for the constant cold, particularly when the sun reared its head towards the end of the afternoon! We tended to stage hop to see what was going on, but highlights included Camo and Krooked, Duke Dumont, and, of course, Rudimental, who I've been wanting to see for ages, and they do manage to make you feel good despite the inevitable onset of a cold making itself very present. I also spied an Almost Famous stand, which I insisted we try out having heard the hype surrounding their Liverpool opening, and boy was I glad we did. I had the special Parklife burger which included all things chorizo, while Sabby favoured the Famous, and I can really see why they've earned their reputation (and it gives me an excuse to talk about food).

Day two will be coming up on Wednesday, but for now I plan to curl up in a very small ball and pray this hangover goes on its merry sadistic way.


  1. Aw, lovely photos! They look so fun and happy :) LOVE those shorts too xx

  2. So glad it's festival season, I love photo diaries like this! :D I'm off to Wireless in a few weeks (I know, ME at Wireless) and I can't wait! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Ah so excited for glasto now! Love all the photos.

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome if not rainy time Rebecca. I adore your shorts x


  5. I have an AA dress in that print which I love!! I hope you had a fab time xx


  6. As much as I love reading festival blog posts and oohing and aahing over the pictures (of which yours are looking amazing), I don't think I can ever bring myself to go to one. I love music but the mud would just be too much for me! Give me a hotel room over a tent any day : )


  7. The thought of the rain and mud actually makes me shudder but you've managed to get some really nice photos with the sun peeking behind you! Must have been your shorts that brought the sun out hehe

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

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  10. I am in love with those shorts!
    Your photos have made me increasingly impatient for the festivals this summer.


  11. i always feel like my life would be sunnier if you were in it !

  12. Ahhh! You were at Parklife too!? I totally would of said Hi if i'd seen you! Your shorts are gorgeous!! Love it! x


  13. Thought I'd reply here aha, Dont worry about it sweet! I was shocked at how many were waiting for the toliet let alone the whole festival haha! Thank you, i really had an amazing weekend hope you did too! Thank you ever so much for your comment xxx

  14. Hope you had a lovely time - I love the shorts and glad those boots are doing well :)

  15. You look awesome here, I still massively love those shorts!

    Maria xxx

  16. Looks like you had an absolute blast x

  17. Music, mates and burgers, you can't really go wrong :)

  18. you and sabby are too cute for words. also, i have this top! twinsies! <3


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