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You may have noticed, but this isn't an outfit post. Actually, what I'm wearing right now is a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a ponytail that probably has some leaves in it, so I think I'm going to save myself some BB cream and not document this one. The reason for the casual attire is that I'm (finally!) moving house after living here for over ten years, and I've just helped my mum to take down the swings in the garden. The past week has been a series of finding the ends of brown tape (the trick is to trace your nail round the roll, who says blogging isn't educational?), and going back and forth to one of the Havens Hospices charity shops with a fair amount of the clothes I've been lucky enough to receive from blogging. I know that It's Cohen is a place for me to share my sartorial disasters, but it is also a personal space, and this is a pretty big thing for my family. We'll be moving from this pretty thing to somewhere more normal, as this is the last thing tying my parents together (trust me, this is a lot more pretentious than we are, and doesn't reflect my family at all). I managed to escape last week to attend the boohoo wrapup party near St Paul's, and had some of the best cocktails I've had for a long time, not to mention a chance to meet Natasha, Shore, Shope, Alex and Lucy, which was an evening off I definitely needed! Post-move tomorrow, I'm off to my friend Amy's 21st birthday celebrations, and then it's time for Brownstock! I'll try my hardest to keep blogging throughout the transitional period, but here's my longwinded excuse for being rubbish at replying to tweets and emails, and a prayer for a good wifi connection in the new place.


  1. The top photo is so beautiful, good luck with the move! xx


  2. I just moved to New York and the whole process was so overwhelming! Moving can be quite stressful but I hope that you love your new place!

    Xo, Hannah


  3. what a beautiful house! glad you managed to escape for a little while - I moved out of my apartment earlier this year and that took forever, let alone leaving a house of over 10 year - we end up collecting so much clutter don't we!



  4. What a lovely house, I find moving so stressful but that is mainly because I am so disorganised, hope yours goes smoothly!

    Maria xxx

  5. Good luck my lovely! I moved from the house I grew up in which was beautiful and opposite a wood to one on a high street which needed loads of work, sigh. Stressful but we are very happy and settled there now :) xx

  6. I hear you, I hope all went well. I've done far too much moving for my liking, but it always does excite me a bit because everywhere new is always awaiting new precious memoires to be made! Best of luck with unpacking!!

  7. It's such a lovely house and it looks huge! Best of luck in your new home and your move!

    Chloe. x

  8. absolutely gorgeous photos, what a lovely house!

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  9. Nice pictures. The house looks beautiful!

    Love, Lisette
    24/7 STYLISH

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