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Pineapple print maxi dress: c/o Sugarhill Boutique. Levi's denim jacket: mum's. H&M x Marni heels: £70 (similar). Alexa Chung for Made skull bracelet: £11, via ebay.

As far as first maxi dresses go, this isn't just dipping your toe territory, but going the whole damn hog with added pineapples. When I received the lovely Sugarhill Boutique parcel from my postman, there was a moment of trepidation as I wasn't sure if it'd suit me, but give it fifteen minutes to quickly take it up a couple of inches (I'm short, and these are my problems), it was on. I realise that I'm a very lucky person to receive clothes from brands, and I think through what I receive on the basis of a) will it suit me? and b) try something new, that hopefully will help you guys make a decision as to whether you want to try it out as well. You can't blame a girl for trying, but I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on maxi dresses. I feel like it makes me look even shorter than I already am (remember those problems? This is another), but it makes a welcome change from mini skirts and skinny jeans. Who knows, maybe I'll be eating my words and be a full-on maxi dress convert by the end of summer... Maybe.


  1. I love a maxi skirt. They always look so simple but so put together at the same time.
    I've recently bought a dress with pineapples on in a spur of the moment impulse purchase for some reason. They are absolutely everywhere!

    Rachael at rachaelisnotwowzie.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I have too much love for Sugarhill Boutique and their amazing prints!
    I think the dress looks great on you (and I don't think it makes you look short at all!) :)

  3. Oh wow, that dress is just incredible. So beautiful Rebecca x


  4. I think this really suits you! The print is just the best too x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. you'll never guess what song is firmly stuck in my head right now! gorgeous photos and those shoes! xo


  6. Gorgeous photos! I love that print dress! xx


  7. I like maxi dresses although I do often have the problem of tripping over them. I know I could take them up but I'm so lazy when it comes to alterations.

  8. I love your shoes and that is a beautiful print.

  9. Oh I love this maxi on you. Looks great. You should wear more maxi dresses. :-)


  10. love love love the second shot of you. such a sassy face! i'm definitely a lover of you in mini skirts/dresses, but this is a welcoming change. maybe midis would suit you if you're not completely sold on maxis? xoxo

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