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Forever 21 initial sweatshirt: gift from Carmen and Kavita. American Apparel circle skirt: £15, via ebay. Ark cut out boots. Rotary watch. Cat ear headband: borrowed from Charlee (these bear ones are the closest I can find). Topshop Really Ruby lipstick. Essie Lapiz of Luxury.
Photos by Carmen

You may think pancakes are enough fun for one day, but in Bavaria they take Shrove Tuesday to a whole new level. Carnival is a concept they practice a load more on the continent, and it's more of a universal celebration than Notting Hill, which becomes more of an excuse to drink at midday. It started last Thursday with the whole of the champagneria's clientele wearing red noses and face paint while we looked on bemused over our wine glasses, but is mainly, from what I can tell, concentrated on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. My department were challenged to dress up yesterday, but with thoughts of what toppings to add to my pancakes later that day I clean forgot. My other better prepared and less distracted colleagues came in a wide array of costumes, and I took the opportunity to steal Charlee's cat ears. I know Michelle's a firm fan of them, but I'd personally never been sold on these cat ear headbands until slipping this pair on, and now I'm trying to work out quite how acceptable it would be to wear this accessory on the train to work (going by some of my fellow commuters' looks as I run to catch the train in my heeled boots, I'm going to guess that wouldn't go down too well in Munich...).

Life in Munich has been a lot of fun recently, and although I tend to write a lot about what I've been up to that day, I came to the realisation (when drunk, obviously) that I hardly ever talk about anything that personal on here. This isn't a promise to go through the various changings of my mind in a cathartic dissertation every time I take photos of some shoes, but I know that I enjoy reading about others' lives, and that's certainly what got me into blogging in the first place. So whether it's me having a chat about how I deal with winter skin (and I appear to have very nearly hidden the eczema on my neck in most of these photos - hooray!) or how I found moving to another country, I will try to share something of a little more depth than how much I like to wear cat ears. But I really do like to wear cat ears.


  1. I love these photos as you really look as though you enjoyed taking them - cute headband!

  2. These pictures are just divine Rebecca, you look stunning! They're so darn fun too. You look amazing girl! x

  3. Ohh the cats ears are so cute! Looks like you had loads of fun (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. YES I'm all for wearing cat ears in public, even with my friends being embarrassed to walk with me. Though admittedly I probably get away with it a little bit more just because I'm Asian but I say go for it. (Also I produced a couple of beads of sweat just from reading the word dissertation you typed - send help)

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  5. this is such a nice outfit! and I love the photos!

  6. beautiful pictures and cute outfit :)

  7. Amazing sweater, it reminds me of one of ours :)

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  8. Awwh meow! This is so cute! <3
    ~Makaela at

  9. Looking forward to learning more about you, love the jumper x

  10. You look so lovely here, these photos are so fun!

    Maria xxx

  11. You look so pretty. I love your shoes. Great post!
    Beth x

  12. Lovely pictures! Love your blog found it over LB!
    I´m now following your over GFC & Bloglovin!
    I would be happy if you took a look at my blog and if you like it follow back :)

    -Brittney from ""


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