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Aubin and Wills breton top: £30. American Apparel corduroy skater skirt: £15, via ebay. Topshop buckle strap boots: £76.50. Urban Outfitters fedora hat: £26. Knitted scarf: borrowed from Sadie. Charity shop belt: 20p. Asos over knee socks: £3.60. STYLIGHT tote bag. Essie "lapiz of luxury".
Photos in front of Brandenberg Gate by Carmen.

I've never quite managed to take outfit photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, and definitely haven't bothered to fight the crowds on Southbank to score the perfect Houses of Parliament shot à la Jazmine and Cat (in fact, my only recognisable background was probably the Disneyland Paris castle, although I am pretty proud of that one), but at least we all took the opportunity to be Berlin tourists and take some photos in front of Brandenberg Gate.

On our last full day, we headed down to the site of the evening's festivities (more on that later!) and to do our best tourist act, albeit without those "look! I have this massive gate between my forefinger and thumb!!" photos - missed opportunity, I know. From my personal experience, Berlin may be better known for its graffiti and nightlife (and serving burgers from a converted public toilet, which is on my to-do list next time folks, next time) when visiting, but it's still home to all those things you learnt about in your History A Level. Much like Saint Paul's, I've got no idea how this beautiful piece of architecture survived the air raids, but I sure am glad Brandenberg Gate was preserved.

As I've now passed my halfway point in Munich, maybe it's about time I started sharing the touristy places I walk through on a daily basis on my blog too, because, even if they're cliché, there's no shame in being a tourist in your own city.


  1. Beautiful photos. I love Berlin, I need to get back there. Definitely share the touristy things from Munich!

  2. Fab photos - love your outfit here, especially the bag! I absolutely loved Berlin, looks like you did too! x

  3. These pictures are just stunning Rebecca, and this is just another oh so wonderful outfit! x


  4. Berlin looks so awesome, I'd love to visit!
    Lovely outfit too :D

    Put The Radio On

  5. Gosh I really need to go back to Berlin! Loving these snaps!

  6. I just LOVE these photos, you look stunning too...and always so happy! I'd like to see some Berlin stuff, I've always wanted to visit but I'd go and not have a clue what to do so some tips would be cool :D xxx

  7. Such gorgeous photos, I love your tights/socks combination!

    Maria xxx

  8. it was surely worth it because the photographs are amazing¨! I love your outfit...and that bag is so cute.

  9. love the photos! - your outfits gorgeous!


  10. Super cool pics!
    Very nice outfit

  11. Beautiful pics ! X


  12. You look fantastic :) I love all hat and yours is awesome <3

  13. Great photos. I love Berlin!

  14. Your outfit was amazing, and your photograph is epic! All in all, an amazing post <33
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com

  15. nice to see you exploring more of Germany :) I loved Berlin, Postdam and all the graffiti in the east were my fave xx

  16. whoever snap your photo , i really like it! this is a great place to shoot too, going traveling and wearing nicely, i envy yoU! haha

  17. Good heavens, if you live there, no shame in playing tourist in your city!!
    Haha, lovely photos, I adore the setting and your outfit. The knee high socks that match your skirt are so cute, and I definitely want your shoes <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. Berlin looks amazing! I really need to visit. Ahh say hiii to Charlotte for me, we went to uni together :) Such a small world! You look like you're all having a wonderful time :)
    Rachelle x

  19. In love with your shooooes! Love how you've layered the burgundy knee socks too. Lovely as always! x


  20. Love these photos! It's always fun playing tourist for a day - it's so easy to forget what amazing buildings / museums / exhibitions / photo opportunities there are, right on your doorstep. I need to do more of that in London! x


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