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Roses are red, violets are blue, you've seen my face, so here're some new ones for you

Years ago, I spent most of my free time reading fashion blogs when it was still quite a new concept. Now I've got my own, as I'm sure you've noticed, but I still spend a high percentage of my free time reading the blogs I follow to catch up on the lives of people all around the world. Recently I haven't been so good at discovering new blogs, but there's nothing better than coming across one you adore, and I do check out the blogs of people who comment and notice the same names popping into my inbox again and again. I don't say it very often as I don't want to come across all soppy, but it really does mean a lot to get a comment on a blog post that I've worked hard on, and I just want to say thanks for coming back to this little diary every once in a while, I really do appreciate it - thank you.

As it's Valentine's Day, and I'm going to be spending it with the triple distilled love of my life, I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs that you may not have come across before. I do have a blog roll (anyone else noticed that these aren't as common any more? That used to be how I'd find new blogs!), and you can always check out who I follow on bloglovin', but here are a few gems who I wanted to share the love with.


who is tanya blog

who is tanya

Without a doubt, Tanya is one of the loveliest girls I've ever had the pleasure to come across. She's currently at uni in Southampton, but I did sort of bump into her in London once, and it's always bugged me that I didn't use my initiative and go and say hello. Always a tweet away, I just know that we'd get on over a cuppa, and reading her blog is like having a catch up with an old friend. It's only a matter of time before we actually do meet up, and I hope it's sooner, rather than later!


jade fung blog

the jade aesthetic

I honestly can't remember when I started reading Jade's blog, but it's got to have been a good while ago now. I seem to remember thinking that we were opposites when I was at uni, as we swapped between Liverpool and London during term time. Now I've kind of mucked that up by moving to Munich (soz), but Jade's blog has had a bit of a makeover and I'm still a constant reader. I put my never finding anything decent in the Liverpool Zara down to her snapping everything up first in her head-to-toe outfits from the store, but I can't really hold it against her as she looks so much better in it than I would.


han valentine blog

han valentine

I followed Hannah on twitter for ages before I followed her blog, and I'm pretty sure I expected it to be a shrine to the Courteeners when I clicked through (you might have tweeted about them once or twice!), but I found one of the most beautiful blogs around. Her photos' moody lighting, whilst probably owing a lot to the Manchester weather, complements her outfits, all of which I'd add to my own wardrobe like a shot. She's a graphic design student, and, as a result, is constantly changing her layout, and has had some of the best ones I've ever seen. Now I've got the itch to redesign my own...


erstwhile felicity blog

erstwhile felicity

The only one here which isn't strictly fashion (although there are the occasional outfit snippets!), but Sonia's photography is, in a word, amazing, and I couldn't not include it. I came across it at work and spent a good twenty minutes scrolling through the archives. Although not the most productive of mornings, erstwhile felicity has since become one of my favourites and makes me want to explore the settings of my Canon 550D even more.


bambi legs blog

bambi legs

On one of my normal google searches of Arctic Monkeys lyics (fyi, on this occasion it was "stop the world, I wanna get off with you") I noticed someone who definitely wasn't Alex Turner. Jordan's blog was quickly added to my bookmarks, and her AM titles always make me smile when they come up on my feed. Jordan's style is pretty feminine, although she loves to add a chunky boot, and I always look to her recent outfits when I fancy a little online shopping session as she has a habit of finding some really beautiful things.


smoke and velvet blog

smoke and velvet

I'm pretty sure I first came across Sonia on tumblr, but her personal style blog is one of the best out there, for sure. Her choices are much cooler than anything I could ever wear, but it doesn't hurt to keep up to date and dream that maybe one day I'll look as effortless as her! With real Chung vibes, but not enough to be another wannabe clone, Sonia's the kind of girl who would look good in anything, but you can tell she's got good taste, and that goes for her taste in music too.


  1. Ah so many new blogs to read. Thanks Rebecca!

  2. Jade and Sonia are two of my favourite bloggers! Having a read through some of the others now. I'm sad that blogrolls are a dying species xx

  3. Lovely way to celebrate Valentine's! I'm clicking the new faces open right now to have a read. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

  4. A tha-housand thank yous again! Your lovely words have made my day. And omg I always thought we were opposites too re: uni!! Was always so good to see Liverpool in the background of your photos while I was at uni!! Going to check out the other blogs you've recommended now :)

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  5. This is such a good post, so many blogs here that I've never even heard of before. I'll get reading now! x

  6. I love this post! I've been meaning to sort out a blogroll for ages, it's sad that no one really has them any more because of advertising instead. I love Jordan's blog (she's SUCH a babe) but I haven't seen the others...will deffo check them out though, they look awesome xxx

  7. Will definitely check them out, there's so many amazing blogs out there that I've never heard of! x

  8. I love your blog

  9. Good post, I didn't know about these bloggers!


  10. Nice post, thanks!


  11. This is so nice of you. Sharing other blogs with people x love your post & thanks for leaving a comment, I wouldn't have come across your blog otherwise x
    Xo Xo, Anna


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