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River Island tartan tappy dress: £25. Zara navy coat: £30. Zara tartan scarf: borrowed from Charlotte. Topshop Anna boots: £76.50. Tan satchel: borrowed from Sadie.
Photos by Sadie.

After spending half the night awake on the coach due to unruly passengers throwing food at us (yep, "pardy bus" vibes being ruined by my 4am "can you stop"), Salma and Max somehow still had the energy to go shopping, whereas Charlotte and I met up with Sadie (who very, very kindly let me stay at her pad) for a hot beverage at Coffee Fellows, which is the german equivalent of Costa. It may seem a bit odd to go to a new city and sit in a coffee shop which you can do anywhere, but there is something nice about whiling away time with people you work in different departments from and an old friend who you haven't spoken to properly for years. As it reached golden hour Sadie, who's an (amazing!) blogger too and can therefore appreciate the difficulty of winter lighting, quickly headed out to take some snaps, and I seriously considered never giving her bag back.

That evening we headed vintage shopping where I was very self-restrained (which had a lot to do with me having about one euro in my bank account), before heading to Good Morning Vietnam for the rest of the evening. I'm no expert on vietnamese food, but I'll tell you that it was pretty delicious, and I wouldn't mind going back for more.

And here is a photo of a pug looking sad on the u bahn. Because pug.

rather sad looking pug


  1. Serious urban chic. I need a tartan scarf.

    That's one sad pug. :(


  2. Love your outfit. I miss Berlin so much, it's one of my favourite cities and I would love to go back sometime soon but alas my student budget won't allow such fun :( x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. You never need an excuse to show a pug. Come home soon! There's more light here I promise! ;) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit, and the scarf really suits you!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  5. Nice pictures ;) Your bag is pretty

  6. the photo of doggies is beyond adorable:)
    Lovely outfit. Great photos as well, the light looks wonderful and natural ( not an easy thing to achieve in wintertime.)


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