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Photos by Charlotte.

Last month you may have heard me mention on twitter or see some of my instagrams of heading a little North to Berlin. Sorry for the radio silence on that front, but I typically managed to get a little distracted, and now I'm only just getting round to showing you my photos.

Despite having wanted to visit since I started learning German in year seven, this is the first time I've managed to make it to Berlin. Now I'm living in the same country, we managed to nab a really cheap return bus journey (taking nearly four times as long as it would be to fly from London, but let's just ignore that painful memory for now) and a few of us headed to the German capital on Friday night. Of course the Berlin Wall memorial was on our to-do list, and we headed to East Side Gallery in the biting cold. It's always odd to see something you've seen in photos millions of times before, but it does hit home quite a bit more in real life. From learning about various Fluchtversuche in A Level lessons (the fact I actually remember that word says a lot, in the above photos the words "freedom", "history", and "euphoria" have been woven into the art work) to seeing the iconic graffiti on instagrams worldwide, it was a bit of a surreal experiencing it first hand. Unfortunately the freezing cold got the better of us and we didn't manage to walk to entire length of the Berlin Wall, but we headed back to the edges of Kreuzberg for a warming hot chocolate.

I was determined to bring my Brit-Stitch satchel to Berlin, purely to photograph the B in a city starting with the same name (me? perfectionist?), so it made its way on the coach with us. I decided to pair it with my favourite Topshop leather skirt, which has definitely seen better days, so I'm on the look out for a new one - please let me know if you see any good'uns! I've recently been looking at Zalando's leather skirts as they're a German company (based in Berlin, funnily enough) so it'll arrive a lot more quickly than if I were to get another Topshop one, but I'm currently undecided. Add in a collared blouse and buckle boots (and, obviously a warm coat, ain't nobody got time for colds), and I had a thoroughly 'me' outfit. Not bad for panic packing in about an hour...

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  1. You look so sophisticated and elegant Rebecca! I love your skirt too! x

  2. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GFC) and welcome to visit my
    blog about fashion .

    Katherine Unique

  3. love the outfit.. and berlin, I wanted to go there while I was in Hamburg... hopefully next time I'm in Germany I'll have plenty more time!

  4. I LOVE BERLIN! And I very much love your outfit too! The mini satchel is adorable! Lovely blog xx

  5. Looking lovely! Great photos x

  6. I have almost the exact same "I <3 Berlin" photo from when I was there! Love Berlin. Hands down one of my favourite cities. x

  7. Hahaha, I can definitely relate to the pain of the trans European bus journeys. Berlin is a beautiful city so I'm sure it was well worth it! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  8. I love Berlin, such an amazing city! Glad you had a good time there but it does get ridiculously cold! xx

  9. Love those photos - your leather skirt looks fab, not as though it's seen better days at all!

  10. i havent been in europe since i was 16, so i always love seeing snaps from across the pond :) berlin looks lovely- that street art is amazing! i also love your prim outfit and then how you snazzed it up with the grungy boots. i love contrasts like that in outfits.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. Sweet pictures and a great outfit. The boots are beautiful and I love Berlin!

  12. Berlin looks amazing (as do you!) you are making me want to pack my suitcase and travel!

    Maria xxx

  13. Great look, love the shoes and bag!

  14. Love the skirt! So cool you wanted to take alone the Brit stitch cos of the B and the graffiti is the best background! Hope you enjoyed it's on my to do list! X

  15. Fabulous photographs. Great to see all this Berlin love! xx - S

  16. Beautiful outfit. Such a cute bag! Great photos, I hope to visit Berlin some day.

  17. Love the skirt! So cool you wanted to take alone the Brit stitch



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