There's a red house over yonder, that's where my baby stays.

Kate Moss t-shirt: £15, Red Nose Day at TK Maxx. Joni Jeans: £30, Topshop. Owl socks: £3, Topshop. Satchel: Stylistpick. Bethany boots: c/o Stylistpick. Bracelet: gift, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Any excuse to pull faces at the camera, eh? Listening to Grimmy's breakfast show extravaganza this morning (who else heard Kate Moss' dramatic reading of "Fifty Shades of Grey?") meant that it was finally time to crack out the Red Nose Day t-shirt that's been patiently waiting in my wardrobe for well over a month. Obviously I'll be rocking it tomorrow night as my flatmate and I spend the evening in front of the telly, but it got a quick airing on the way to the Quarter's deli, and there are plenty of failed photos of me about to jump/just landed that I may compile into an outtakes post one day... Still, I had to get The Face on My Front (um...), although the Beatles offering was just as tempting, and I've uploaded my photo to the TK Maxx app, as they're donating an extra quid for everyone who does - bonus!

Obviously, the only way to accessorise a Red Nose Day outfit is with the very colour it's adopted. Funnily enough, both my bag and "What do you mean I'm not Edie Sedgwick?" heels are from Stylistpick, but I couldn't help but round it off with a pair of novelty socks, which I have somehow managed to curate a whole drawer of. Because, quite frankly, every pair of socks needs to have an animal of some kind on it.

But, for now, I'll leave you with a Sergeant Peppers lambanana and the most amazing peanut butter cookie cups we made last night. If only I had a whole drawer full of those...


  1. Love this post! The red nose day tee's this year are awesome! After about 10 mins of attempting to choose, i decided on getting the beatles tee myself! Love it! xxx

  2. the cookie looks amazing. I really like the tees, nice choice! xx

  3. I love the RND tees this year! xx

  4. Love this post, love this outfit - especially the boots, and love the song! :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  5. Not seen the SP one before, pretty impressive.


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