Talking to the songbird yesterday.

Sheer blouse: Topshop (so old!). Chambray playsuit: £9, Beyond Retro. Green blazer: Glamorous. Cardigan: £1.50, charity shop. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Watch: gift, Rotary. Necklace: Grace Face Boutique. Chelsea boots: Stylistpick.

Somehow we're past halfway through the first week of my easter holidays (did someone say Spring Break?) and it's been a bit of a blur. Some pretty faces popped up to see me (more on that tomorrow!), but mainly it's been a period of generally chilling/having some quality pyjama time. Aside from dressing like a toddler, see above, we've been making use of the poker set that bgo sent over and having lots of pizza. It's been a while since I last played poker, and the days of the KPL are a halcyon memory, so I was a little rusty, but when there's wine involved I think we were all ended up being as bad as each other!


  1. Love this outfit of yours, can't believe that playsuit was only £9.. what a bargain! You look amazing in these photographs - work it gurl! : )


  2. Looking gorgeous miss'! Love that playsuit x

  3. This is one pretty playsuit; also, this is potentially a strange thing to say but I wish I suited a ponytail like you do!

    Emily Wears Things

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