Take me outside, sit in the green garden.

Crop top: c/o Lashes of London. Skirt: £15, American Apparel via ebay. Belt: 10p, charity shop. Boots: Stylistpick. Coat: £63, Topshop. Watch: gift, Rotary. Necklace: gift, Accessorize. Bag: Romford market about ten years ago...

I can never resist something if it's got my name on it. I found this bag (which may have been purchased when I was about half my age from a market stall) when going through my wardrobe to decide what to pack for third year, and somehow it ended up wending its way up the M1. In a roundabout way, that was probably the last time I wore a crop top, as about 90% of my childhood was spent in lycra thanks to dancing lessons every weeknight. I am not someone intent upon baring all, and this is pretty daring for me as I feel a bit breezy on either side as I walk along, but this Lashes of London deal is so pretty that I feel like it works. Don't worry kids, the spandex is staying firmly in the past, and I plan to spend a lot of time in my pyjamas reading and essaying and generally being studious.

One thing that happened in the week and half since I last blogged (slap on the wrist) was Lomography announcing that I was one of their top 25 bloggers of 2013. I've never been shortlisted for something like this, and it means a lot to me that a photography company thought my attempts were worthwhile, as I find it the most frustrating part of drawing a post together. I don't want to bother my friends to ask them to take photos for me, so end up looking like an oddball sticking a camera on a handily positioned platform for each post (today's was a bench). Here's to the self-timer!


  1. This is such a wonderful outfit! And these pictures are stunning! xxx

  2. seriously, you are amazing. not only is the backdrop incredible, but the fact (i say this everytime , yes i am aware) that you just casually stand there, and obviously go back and fourth to press the shutter AMEN TO THE TIMER!!!
    perfect outfit too. xxx

    The Little's.

  3. Ooh congrats on making the list! There are so many familiar names on it. All well deserved!

  4. congrats on being shortlisted, yay! love the crop too too, very pretty :) xx

  5. Yayyyy well done on the award - you definitely deserve it! You have always been one of my favourite blogs to read and fawn over, your photography skillz are divine, especially the editing. A lot of general love here, but yes, LOVE <3

  6. Hello! I just wanted to say a big thanks for taking time to comment on my little blog, have been reading yours for sometime! Love the print on that skirt and massive huge whopping congrats on the award :) xxx

  7. Congratulations on being named by Lomography - that's amazing!!
    Vic @ Frankly Vic

  8. Your photos are so gorgeous-- I'm not surprised that lomography picked you! I love this outfit too, that bag is adorable :)

  9. these pictures are amaazing! absolutely love your skirt, i have it too!

    hope you'll visit back

  10. You look beautiful, as ever! Yay for the Lomography recommendation too, your photos are always gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  11. such pretty photos and outfit :)


  12. whoa congrats on the accolade, that's some endorsement! well done.

    Thanks for our congrats too.

  13. That crop top is SO ADORABLE. Definitely makes me consider wearing one (never thought I'd say that!) - so, that bag is so adorable! What are the odds you would find it? Sounds like fate! <3

    Congratulations on the Lomography mention, well deserved! xo

  14. Congratulations- what an honor! I'm not surprised, your pictures are so lovely!

    I totally know what you mean about buying items with your name on it! I'm still clinging on to a string necklace with small wooden letters spelling my name- the one's you used to be able to make yourself? Retro or what...
    And as for Lycra...I hear you!

    Great post! Sarah XxX

  15. That's great, congratulations! You must be very excited about that :)

    I just rediscovered your blog and this is a great post to start with!


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