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Pussybow blouse: c/o Monsoon. Vintage suede skirt: £8, charity shop (similar). Clarks sandals: Cloggs. Ralph Lauren sunglasses: Sunglasses Shop. Rimmel Kate Moss 08 lipstick.

The Seventies called, it wants its wardrobe back. As someone who's unfortunately gifted in the brassière department (trust me, it's not as fun as TOWIE would lead you to believe), there are loads of styles which I thought were firmly 100% out of the books for me, pussybow blouses being one of them. Frills on top of all that? I don't want to look like a back to front stegosaurus. All hope was not lost, however, when I spied this lil number in Monsoon whilst my friend was present-shopping on Oxford Street - its silky shape, paisley fabric and subtle tie-neck make for some throwback style I can totally get on board with. Teamed with one of my best charity shop finds (suck on that price tag, AC for AG), this might just sway me from sixties-dressing. Just the once...

PS, love Hadleigh's weird (and unexplainable) obsession with sheep. Those books are classics in the making.

Ain't shady baby, I'm hot.

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The quaint countryside is BACK (not that it ever went away, I just didn't turn my camera lens to it for a little while). I've been having a bit of "bloggers' block" recently, not feeling all that inspired with anything I'd been wearing enough to warrant photographing it on my days off, but a proposed trip to Hadleigh in Suffolk mixed in with a little August sunshine tempted me back into the fold. I don't visit Suffolk nearly as much as I'd like to, but a few miles of twisting country lanes later we found ourselves in a little village, home to possibly the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to (10/10, would recommend) and a whole lot of 'I need to win the lottery and move here' trains of thought, which definitely don't happen every time I wander around Hampstead either, oh no... Hadleigh has the kind of relaxed vibe only a place which hasn't changed in about 100 years can have, which is the perfect antidote to silicone roundabout city living five days a week.

When you're on autopilot come weekend, set straight to  'get me outta here' mode, your wardrobe is automatically filtered 'sort by newest' to minimise unnecessary stress. These two Warehouse pieces are my current go-tos (warning, the shoes are a bit of a pain, pun fully intended, to wear in, so keep those plasters at the ready). They can result in odd tan-lines, so that's my excuse to wear this outfit x100 sorted. Minimal lazy-girl accessorising award goes to this amazing gold and pearl bangle the lovely lot over at jewelstreet popped over to me to try out. The perfect mix of simple and elegant, it goes with pretty much everything. Even 6am alarm clocks.

All the girls on the block knocking at my door.

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COLLECTIVE t-shirt. Oasis V&A trousers (now sold out, try the new season pair). Nails Inc x Glamour nail varnish.

When you spend about twelve hours a day in the smog and in a bother, you need a little place to relax the moment it's announced "this train is now approaching home". Rainy days often call for a duvet and youtube, but if there's a little sunshine I tend to pop into my garden (hurrah for living outside the M25!) for a while to stop fuming wind down. Of course this calls for a diva outfit change into something a little more comfortable: my favourite ever white t-shirt and these super-comfy, wear-me-all-the-time trousers from the V&A Collection by Oasis. After a few months of staring at these prints all day err' day, I couldn't help but add a few of them to my wardrobe (spot the culottes here!).

A couple of months ago, Asda got in touch and asked if I fancied adding a little somethin' somethin' to our little outside space, so I let my mum take charge of my laptop and she picked this pretty arbour seat from their rather extensive range of garden furniture. It took us a while to find a weekend where my mum, brother and I were all free to put it together, but there is something quite satisfying about saying "I did that" at the end. A few slicks of paint later (note: the paint's a little thin - it'll dry quickly but need loads of layers) and now we've got a little post-late finish sanctuary, perfect for hiding away in.

And breathe.

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