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Pussybow blouse: c/o Monsoon. Vintage suede skirt: £8, charity shop (similar). Clarks sandals: Cloggs. Ralph Lauren sunglasses: Sunglasses Shop. Rimmel Kate Moss 08 lipstick.

The Seventies called, it wants its wardrobe back. As someone who's unfortunately gifted in the brassière department (trust me, it's not as fun as TOWIE would lead you to believe), there are loads of styles which I thought were firmly 100% out of the books for me, pussybow blouses being one of them. Frills on top of all that? I don't want to look like a back to front stegosaurus. All hope was not lost, however, when I spied this lil number in Monsoon whilst my friend was present-shopping on Oxford Street - its silky shape, paisley fabric and subtle tie-neck make for some throwback style I can totally get on board with. Teamed with one of my best charity shop finds (suck on that price tag, AC for AG), this might just sway me from sixties-dressing. Just the once...

PS, love Hadleigh's weird (and unexplainable) obsession with sheep. Those books are classics in the making.


  1. Looking as super stylish as ever my friend!

  2. Everything about this post is just so beautiful! x


  3. I love your comment about the stegosaurus (it's so true!) and am now insanely jealous of this gorgeous outfit!

    Maria xxx

  4. You are SUCH a babe! I totally love this outfit. You have made me reconsider high neck blouses (I have the same stegosaurus issues... #bigboobproblems)
    Chambray & Curls

  5. you look soooooooooo pretty in that blouse xx

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