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The quaint countryside is BACK (not that it ever went away, I just didn't turn my camera lens to it for a little while). I've been having a bit of "bloggers' block" recently, not feeling all that inspired with anything I'd been wearing enough to warrant photographing it on my days off, but a proposed trip to Hadleigh in Suffolk mixed in with a little August sunshine tempted me back into the fold. I don't visit Suffolk nearly as much as I'd like to, but a few miles of twisting country lanes later we found ourselves in a little village, home to possibly the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to (10/10, would recommend) and a whole lot of 'I need to win the lottery and move here' trains of thought, which definitely don't happen every time I wander around Hampstead either, oh no... Hadleigh has the kind of relaxed vibe only a place which hasn't changed in about 100 years can have, which is the perfect antidote to silicone roundabout city living five days a week.

When you're on autopilot come weekend, set straight to  'get me outta here' mode, your wardrobe is automatically filtered 'sort by newest' to minimise unnecessary stress. These two Warehouse pieces are my current go-tos (warning, the shoes are a bit of a pain, pun fully intended, to wear in, so keep those plasters at the ready). They can result in odd tan-lines, so that's my excuse to wear this outfit x100 sorted. Minimal lazy-girl accessorising award goes to this amazing gold and pearl bangle the lovely lot over at jewelstreet popped over to me to try out. The perfect mix of simple and elegant, it goes with pretty much everything. Even 6am alarm clocks.


  1. So so cute Rebecca! You look stunning, that dress is just gorgeous on you x

  2. love the dress, you look absolutely amazing!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  3. These photos are stunning! and such a perfect outfit

    girl in albion | uk fashion blog

  4. So lovely! Perfect Summer dress and perfect Summer post!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. This dress is gorgeous on you, I wish I could pull off off the shoulder dresses!

    Maria xxx

  6. Errrrr that dress is so cute, I need it!! You belong in the countryside my dear, you just look perfect nestled among the trees and pretty houses x

  7. You look beautiful! Loving that dress and those shoes!

  8. You look so lovely Rebecca, what a beautiful dress and setting! I miss fresh air and trees haha. I completely get you on the outfit block front - on my days off I just want to dress super simple but on my 'good dressing' days I have no time or resources to shoot photos! Thanks for the oh so nice comment on my blog yesterday too - I'm gettin' there slowly xx

  9. Lovely photos! You always pick the best locations :) xx

  10. Lovely photos and what a great settign for this dress.


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