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COLLECTIVE t-shirt. Oasis V&A trousers (now sold out, try the new season pair). Nails Inc x Glamour nail varnish.

When you spend about twelve hours a day in the smog and in a bother, you need a little place to relax the moment it's announced "this train is now approaching home". Rainy days often call for a duvet and youtube, but if there's a little sunshine I tend to pop into my garden (hurrah for living outside the M25!) for a while to stop fuming wind down. Of course this calls for a diva outfit change into something a little more comfortable: my favourite ever white t-shirt and these super-comfy, wear-me-all-the-time trousers from the V&A Collection by Oasis. After a few months of staring at these prints all day err' day, I couldn't help but add a few of them to my wardrobe (spot the culottes here!).

A couple of months ago, Asda got in touch and asked if I fancied adding a little somethin' somethin' to our little outside space, so I let my mum take charge of my laptop and she picked this pretty arbour seat from their rather extensive range of garden furniture. It took us a while to find a weekend where my mum, brother and I were all free to put it together, but there is something quite satisfying about saying "I did that" at the end. A few slicks of paint later (note: the paint's a little thin - it'll dry quickly but need loads of layers) and now we've got a little post-late finish sanctuary, perfect for hiding away in.

And breathe.


  1. Love the trousers! Stunning nail colour too.

    Anika |

  2. Those trousers are absolutely gorgeous! The pattern is just divine x

  3. Those trousers!! What a beautiful print. All the love for your post title too - that song is my ultimate guilty pleasure rn. x

  4. Ah that print! Swoooon! I wish I could buy everything in the v&a collection!

  5. The little garden nook just looks so cosy, add a couple of pillows (with no rain) and I don't think I'd leave! The trousers go really well with the whole thing, honestly it looks so comfy and peaceful! x

  6. Your photos are stunning! I love your blog!
    Lucy X

  7. Your photos are stunning! I love your blog!
    Lucy X

  8. Lovely photos! I really like your trousers :) xx

  9. This is beautiful and I now want these trousers, damn you Cohen!

    Maria xxx


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