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Look at me, pretending I care about the World Cup. Every four years, I have the full intention of paying attention to what's happening in the stadium, yet every time I realise I have a life (soz if you're a fan, but watching football on TV just doesn't appeal all that much). I'll obviously be rooting for Germany in tonight's World Cup final as I think living in Bavaria for six months gives me that tenuous right, but otherwise today is a day like any other, and I fully intend to spend 90% of it in my pyjamas. It does however provide ample caipirinha opportunities, so I guess it's not all drunk middle aged men in pubs.

Always one for a theme, I did think I ought to get into the spirit somehow, and wore my new Converse for the first time. I used to own a few pairs of high tops, but then went through my phase of feeling incredibly short and finding that an inch or two would be preferable to comfort. Give it a few years, and I've decided that maybe permanent blisters aren't worth it, and it sure is swell (geddit?) to be reunited with such a comfy pair of chucks. Add in a pair of jeans, a floaty gingham top, and a dash of wind, and you've got an outfit that's at least pub final ready, if not Brazil suitable - can't blame a girl for trying!

Just 20,000 people standing in a field.

Kimono, top, skirt, sandals, purse and hat: c/o New Look.

When the average temperature raises to some point above uncomfortably chilly, it becomes what I like to refer to as "festival season". So far this year I've been to one British festival (in case you've already forgotten, it was last month's Parklife festival), and Isle of Summer in Munich, with hopefully one more coming up at the end of the summer. You could say that I'm going through mud withdrawal symptoms right about now. So when New Look got in touch to ask whether I was interested in styling up a festival inspired look, it didn't take much effort on my part to put it all together - it's almost second nature by now! This is, admittedly, more of a luxe festival look (am I really wearing heels? Try that in mud up to your knees), but I still think there are definite late-afternoon-in-the-comedy-tent vibes down to my lovely longline kimono, which only the coolest cats like Millie Mackintosh and Daisy Lowe can pull off well into day four. I ended up wearing this to pop into town and then to the pub quiz, but I would gladly have worn this in front of the Pyramid stage, had I been given the chance. For now, the field next to my house will have to do!

Brazil is here.

Blue and white Bardot dress: c/o Quiz clothing. Urban Outfitters fedora hat: £26. Red heart bag: c/o LYDC. Black strappy sandals: c/o New Look. Rotary watch. Topshop "Really Ruby" lipstick. Models Own "Sophie's Pink" nail varnish and Essie "Lapiz of Luxury" nail varnish.
Photos by Megan - she's running a New Look giveaway, so definitely check out her blog!

When I heard that there was a beach in Covent Garden, I couldn't help but be intrigued and pop along after work to find out just how they'd managed to transport a little bit of Brazil to the British Isles. Ipanema are a Brazilian footwear brand who wanted to help make London a little bit less grey by setting up a beach shack BBQ and beach right next to the covered markets at Covent Garden. After a hot (and not in the good way) tube journey, I met up with Megan to take some outfit photos before heading to meet the other girls. Trying to find somewhere that isn't entirely overrun with people is pretty tricky when you're at tourist hotspot Covent Garden, but we managed to find a little break in the constant foot traffic right next to the pretty pastel Primrose Bakery, and I'm more than happy with how these photos have turned out, which isn't a very common occurrence! We then headed over to meet Amy, before Kim (the lovely lady behind the blogger network at etail pr) introduced herself, and we sampled the caipirinhas. It was so lovely to meet some new ladies, and spent most of my time chatting to Paulina and Emily before I had to head home. I've felt a little out of the blogging loop since I've moved back from Germany as I'm constantly doing real life stuff (I know, it exists!), so it was lovely to put a pretty frock on for an evening of cocktails and chat. Just one big thank you to etail, ipanema and Cabana for inviting me along, and further confirming that caipirinhas are fast becoming my favourite cocktail.

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