The witching hour.

Asos lace smock dress: £14. Urban Outfitters straw hat: £12 (not online, but they still have them in the Spitalfields store). Selected Femme heels: c/o Logonstyle. Pandora bracelet, via Joshua James Jewellery. Vintage leather belt: 20p, via charity shop. Topshop really ruby lipstick. Barry M navy nail varnish.

There are definitely some unintentional witchy vibes in this outfit: let's just say the storms have awakened something in me. That, or not getting much sleep and then forcing myself to the gym puts me in a foul mood, which is probably much more likely. After a late night asos order found itself on my bed after spending the weekend celebrating Jazmine's 22nd, it was a case of bedroom catwalk, and I knew exactly how I wanted to style this lace smock dress. Sometimes I forget that when asos say oversized they mean that it's quite plausible for you to attempt to get two of you in it (tip: size down), so I can't quite work the boho babin' vibes that the model shows, and instead went to the best twenty pence purchase of my life (other than a Freddo) to nip it in at the waist and prove that I'm not actually six months gone. Moving on from the dress I decided to pop on my bargain urban outfitters sunhat and Selected Femme heels. It was a bit weird to have the elevation after falling out of the habit of wearing high heels on my Saturday night ritual (maybe I am a witch, my cauldron just contains a double vodka lemonade), but these babies are just too perfect to leave in their box for any time longer than absolutely necessary. A slick of red lipstick later, and, really, I think these witches knew they were totally onto a good thing...

Just busy earnin', you can't get enough.

When you have to say "could today possibly get more British?", you know you're having a pretty good day. Last weekend, my mum and I headed to the local village fayre in the blazing sunshine for some good old fashioned fun (quite literally, in the case of some of the books they had for sale there - talk about antiques!). If you're not acquainted with this truly british pastime, just think of condensing all our stereotypes into one day, and projecting them onto a village green. We're talking tea and cake served in mismatched antique crockery, middle aged men manning the barbecue, the scouts hosting a tombola, homegrown tomato plants being sold for 50p and pin the tail on the donkey - sounds dreamy, right? Add in the glorious sunshine, a happy couple getting married in the church next door (check out those wheels!) and heading to the pub for a cider on the way home, and you've got yourself the most perfect Saturday, in my eyes.

This asos smock dress has been in my life for a fair while now, and despite wearing it at least once a week for the past two months it somehow hasn't made it in front of the camera. I like its smock shape (duh), but how it can also be unpopped to make it into a matching crop top and skirt set. I know that Kristabel's enamoured of her crawlies print version, but I'm rather partial to this little dotty number. I decided to debut my new dainty Pandora bracelet too, which makes a welcome change from the chunky leather watch that usually adorns my wrist. I always feel a little lost without an arm party, namely due to having no idea what the time is, but I'd happily replace my timepiece for something a little classier when the moment/tan lines need it.

When the zeros line up on the twenty-four hour clock.

university of liverpool graduation
French Connection blouse: gift (similar here and here). Charity shop pencil skirt: £1.50. Christian Louboutin Nude heels: £75, via charity shop. Links of London necklace: gift. Rotary watch: gift. Chanel "Gabrielle" lipstick. Chanel "Dragon" nail varnish.
albert docks liverpool
cavern club liverpool memorial
liverpool albert docks
paul mccartney statue cavern club
Charity shop lace blouse: 50p. American Apparel woven skirt: £33. Russell and Bromley flats: 50p, via ebay. Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Rotary watch: gift.
the quarter restaurant liverpool
antony gormley another place crosby
university of liverpool english ba graduate
university of liverpool fashion blog
university of liverpool graduation ceremony
university of liverpool students

No, you didn't miss anything, these are just some of the photos I never got round to posting from my graduation. On Friday, it will be a year exactly since we threw our mortar boards into the clear blue sky, and what with all those in the year below sending snapchats and selfies my way, it seemed as relevant a time as ever to write a little throwback, of sorts. I always wonder whether these kind of posts are a little self-indulgent (the last one I wrote was waaay back in October), so feel free to scroll through the photos and move onto a prettier blog, of which I've listed plenty here, or hang around for a while, there might be some lols.

When I graduated, I was a little optimistic, which I can 100% guarantee is how the majority of undergraduates feel when they collect their degrees on stage. The usual things ran through my head about how I'd be employed within a month or so, be saving up to move out, and be livin' the dream in London. In short, I knew fuck all (technical term) about the reality of the job market, and found it pretty tough to come to terms with being one of the 2.51 million (May 2013, the month I left uni) out there who hadn't landed feet first in my chosen career. If you'd have told me that I'd be moving to Germany before the year was up I would have laughed plain in your face, and still to this day I'm a little surprised I did it, particularly considering I wasn't in the best frame of mind and physical condition to deal with the stress and upheaval of moving abroad. But, six months later, I came back with words like Katzenjammer under my belt and a whole load of new friends from all over the world.

Bumping back to reality was a bit of a bummer. Although it was rad to be within walking or train distance of everyone, it was frustrating to come back with no real idea, yet again, of what was about to happen. I completed two weeks of jury service, followed by two weeks interning at Cath Kidston's head office over in Shepherd's Bush, then four weeks at Oasis closer to home in Shoreditch, which has since been extended. Attempting to continue my social life (a what, now?) and not let this blog fall completely by the wayside (which I've come pretty close to many, many times in the past few months, and still wonder now whether perhaps getting eight hours sleep might be of more worth than replying to emails) has proved to be pretty tricky, particularly on an intern's budget, but that steadfast british resilience keeps seeing me through, and my need to be melodramatic quite clearly continues.

It's just a little funny to think of how much has changed in a year, since that landmark-to-me-moment. I've lived in two countries, been in five, met countless amounts of people, published 95 blog posts (including this one), and have 17 sitting in my drafts folder never to see the light of day, bought three stripy tops, been to four festivals, seen arctic monkeys three times, eaten a few litres of hummus, and got one job.

So yeah, sorry this #tbt isn't on a Thursday, but when have I ever done things by the book?

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