I've been looking so long at these pictures of you.

disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo
disposable camera photo paris
paris disposable camera photo
paris disposable camera photo
Photos from kodak disposable cameras (the second batch taken on expired film)

I was going to start with the old classic "if you haven't been reading my blog for very long, then you wouldn't know that I'm rather a fan of film photography" line, then, on checking, I realised I haven't posted any of my disposable camera shots for the entirety 2013. For me, this came as a little bit of a surprise, but getting an iPhone (and, of course, immediately downloading instagram) for my birthday/Christmas last year, and finally investing in my DSLR meant that I had a means of taking photos on the go, which was much more convenient than the few day wait for your photos to be developed in Boots, even if my advantage card points have suffered a noticeable dip. I have about five on the go right now, with one simply lying around waiting to be developed (I left it in Kendal though, so thanks for posting it back to me Clarity!), so I'm going to try my hardest to get back into it in the new year, as there really isn't anything better than flicking through your printed photos. It goes to show how much my blog has developed in the past year, changing from something I did in my (lots of) spare time at the university of liverpool, to a place for me to develop my photography skills and write fushwun in a way that won't bore my friends in real life (although I did get you a point on the pub quiz for that, don't you forget!); I'm happy with the way it's changed (and am particularly proud of these four outfit posts), but it's always nice to share something that you enjoy, and bits of my life which aren't necessarily picture perfect.

I did think the end of the year would be a pretty good time to share the few that I have taken over the past few months; a more "me" end of year summary than a year in style or instagram post. Although these are only images of heading to the Isle of Wight Festival with Jazmine, Olivia, and Sabby, and a romantic trip to Paris to celebrate the latter's 21st, a lot has happened this year. I only went and bloody graduated with a good grade, then found myself moving to Munich (and even managed to set up a German bank account by myself, speaking constantly in the language that my A Level teachers assumed I'd just give up on afterwards, and kinda had...), not to mention travelling round more of the UK (Sheffield, York, and the Lake District), going to gigs (personal highlights include Miles Kane's acoustic set in Heebie's, Beyoncé et al at Chime for Change, Brownstock, Knife Party's Haunted House, and, of course, Arctic Monkeys at Earl's Court), and having a damn good time whilst doing it. Here's to a 2014 with less rain (impossible), tea prices at an unprecedented low (unlikely), more girl bands (there better be), and more laughs (definitely).

Click through for more disposable camera photos.

Doesn't it feel like Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Just a little hello how are ya on Christmas day as I listen to Happy Xmas War is Over (I'm still a little bit scouse, wherever in the world I am!), and reminisce back a week or two to being in the office with Carmen and Kavita and snapping photos in front of the christmas tree - even the Stylight christmas tree bleeds purple! I hope you've had a lovely time so far today with your loved ones and maybe opening a present or two accompanied by a flute of something bubbly. I'll inevitably be instagramming and tweeting throughout the day, but right now I'm about to slip into my christmas jumper and join in with the rest of the festivities - and with Toy Story 3 being on this afternoon, how could you have a bad time?

The music went and led me astray.

zara double breasted coat outfit
vintage leather bally handbag
chelmsford central park winter
pleather tee gold chain outfit
Chelmsford county cricket ground
sugarhill boutique trousers
Jasmine trousers: c/o Sugarhill Boutique. F+F pleather t-shirt: £25. Zara double breasted coat: £30. Boohoo chain: gift. F+F gold-capped boots: £25. Bally bag: £9, vintage. Rotary watch: gift.

I'm back! Even if only for just over a week. England is comparatively tropical, so it's nice to head outside in "just" a coat and not have to work a beanie, scarf and gloves into my outfit. My first day back in the country involved waking up early to sort a few of my own things out, before heading into town with my mum to pick up a few parcels from the Post Office (I felt so spoiled!), and finally pick up my Boots order. Errands run, I caught a train to Canary Wharf to hang out with some of my pals for a joint "everyone's in the came country!" celebration and cooked christmas dinner with all the trimmings which went down a treat. Several bottles of mulled wine, winter pimm's and, um, vodka later, we found ourselves running for the DLR (would not recommend) and continuing our celebrations well into the night - it's safe to say that the next evening was spent in our pyjamas watching Love Actually and The Holiday!

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