I don't know what they're telling you but I know we can turn this around.

Autumnal leaves
Laura Ashley Trench Coat
Autumn Outfit Details
Chelmsford dogs
Autumn Outfit
Leather bowler bag
Chelmsford park autumn
Autumn OOTD
Autumn leaves
Autumn Outfit
Autumn OOTD
Jumper: £21.50, French Connection. Joni jeans: £32.40, Topshop. Trench coat: Laura Ashley. Cossack hat: £10, F+F. Bowler bag: £43, Marks and Spencer. Wedges: c/o Shoe Zone. Necklace: Grace Face Boutique. Lipstick: MAC Ravishing. Nails: Nails Inc "The Thames".

I don't know why I was so excited to take these photos; they're the most cliché autumnal images you can find on the internet (yep, spot the classic "hold a leaf in front of your face" shot), but we keep going back to them for a reason! The park in town, only a few yards away from here, was the most obvious place for my mum and I to head to take them, and not just because it's only a stone's throw from M&S. The place I normally associate with picnics and school lunchtimes (which once included sitting on a bench and consuming an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's with a friend. In October.), is currently home to rust-coloured leafy avenues. It's not quite freezing point yet, so I wore a surprisingly non-itchy jumper over skinny jeans, with a trench coat, comfy wedge-heels and a hat that's far, far too big for my head - but it's fluffy, which makes it okay.

In the course of writing this, I think I've received four Paul Hollywood-based snapchats after last night and made my way through three mugs of tea. So it's time to stop procrastinating and putting off important things and get down to serious phone calls and emails - moving country is hard. I'm also planning to head to the AX Paris party tomorrow night, so let me know if you'll be there, and I won't be that weirdo sitting in the corner on her own!

Chelmsford Central Park


  1. You do look wonderfully autumnal but in the best way possible :)

    Rosie x

  2. I wish it were still Autumn here in Australia, it's really starting to heat up (not a good thing haha). Gah I adore your hat so much!

    xx Carina

  3. lovely outfit x


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  5. 10/10 eyebrows - A*. Ah I was scared it might be too early to get my Russian style furry hat out but clearly it's not! I looove the lining in your trench coat, so sweet.

    Jade | Jade Fung Blog

  6. I'll see you at AX Paris it seems! Loving the furry hat - now I just need to dig my black one out!

  7. That hat looks fabulous on you, I tried on something similar the other day and it wouldn't fit my head.

  8. Love the lining of your coat, very pretty! I'll see you at the #AxParty tomorrow :) let me know if you want lunch before or something, I'm planning on wandering around museums and going somewhere for tea and cake xx

  9. Lovely outfit - the jumper looks great with the jeans! :)

  10. OH my! So gorgeous, that hat looks incredible on you, I tried my sisters black one on earlier today and looked an utter fool, so I am very envious that you rock it the way you do!

    Love your blog, now following FOR SURE!

  11. I can't wait to dig out all my cosy, furry hats - you look gorgeous in yours! xo

  12. These are gorgeous photos. I especially love the lining inside your Max, and the bowler bag.

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  13. LOVE the hat, it looks so good on you. Your post has made me realise I've spent hardly any time outdoors since autumn hit, I'm now craving a nice long walk in a park or something x

  14. Is it sad that I knew that was one of our bags as soon as I saw the picture? I mean, mostly because I've been eyeing it up myself...
    Ah, the Bake Off, it was SO. GOOD. I must admit I was surprised at the result though.
    My sister moved to Germany in September for her year abroad and I must admit I was glad I wasn't at home at the time, it sounded so stressful! I think more my parents stressing out about her being unprepared rather than her though amusingly!

  15. the first picture of you is so perfect i can't even deal. xxx

  16. Cutie McCute! Have a lovely time at the AX Paris event, so sad I can't make it! xxxx

  17. Not everyone can pull off a fur hat, but it looks really great on you. Love the palette of this outfit too!


  18. lovely outfit- your hat is so awesome, i love how it matches your bag too! xx

  19. Your hat is so gorgeous! I already have quite a large hat collection but I think if I saw that hat in store I'd have to get it. You look so lovely!

    Rachael xoxo

  20. Wow you look stunning! I love your hat. So cute x

    Heroine In Heels

  21. So lovely to see you on Thursday mrs, even if it wasn't for that long!

    That hat looks rather snug, what's the weather meant to be like in Munich? DM me your address, I only have a limited time to send you a going away parcel!! ;)

    <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  22. Beautiful photos! http://bethebteam.blogspot.co.uk/ x


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