Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear.

Navy blouse: 50p, charity shop. Waxed jacket: £22, Primark. Shorts: Fat Face (old). Sunglasses: £2, Primark. Socks: £2, asos. Hunter boots: won in Char's giveaway. Bag: gift from Jazmine.

As I'm sure you've read on Olivia and Jazmine's blogs, last week we all headed South to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight Festival. After a (very) last minute email from the ladies at Hunter, I found myself organising transport for the next day, and chucking as many baby wipes into a rucksack as I could find. I do like a good few days sat festering in the middle of a field (it's a lot more fun than it sounds), so it's hardly surprising that I took up the offer, and I am so glad I did. Spending the weekend with my favourite blogging pals (Lyzi included!) and my parisian friend Sabby aside, I finally got to see Blondie after several plays of Parallel Lines, as well as Rizzle Kicks, Stone Roses, Sub Focus, Modestep, Paloma Faith, and a band who I think are called Bon Jovi? For me, festivals aren't about making yourself look good, which is handy after attempting to draw catflicks in a tent. Instead, I found myself relying on a couple of disposable cameras and borrowing Jazmine's (thank you!) to get a few shots of my outfit on day three. A few of our fellow festival-goers seemed bemused at the whole concept of taking outfit photos, but I've just got my disposables developed, so I'm sure they'll find their way into a future post! I may not be heading to Glasto (sob), but I hope you lucky folks who are have the best time, and have a year's supply of toilet rolls with you.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! These pictures are all lovely! xxx


  2. love this photos, such a greta festival look! x


  3. looking very chic, I look like a mess who has rolled in glitter at a festival...

  4. You guys looked like you had the best time at this festival! Such a fun weekend :) I wish I was going to one this year.

    Hope you're well :) would be lovely if we could all meet up again soon! xx

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