We missed you, hissed the lovecats.

Indian Cat Sweater: c/o Skip n' Whistle. Leather skirt: £13.50, Topshop. Anna £76.50. Bracelet: gift, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Necklaces: vintage, elsie belle, and grace face boutique. Ears: cat's own.

When I lived in Halls in first year, one of my flatmates commented on how I always "dressed up" for uni. I'd never really noticed until then that the general uniform of the lecture theatre consists of jeans and a t-shirt with trainers or ballet slippers, and I suppose, in comparison, I was making a bit of an effort. I think over the years I've naturally collated a wardrobe that consists of separates that are basic enough to pair bleary-eyed without even thinking, and I've found myself grabbing this Skip N' Whistle sweatshirt quite a lot recently to keep me warm as possible while the skies threaten snow. And it has cats dressed as indians on it, which I think is enough to convince anyone to ditch the denim. I'm also sporting my (ridiculously overpriced and I definitely shouldn't have bought them) shoes that I've been eyeing up in Topshop for months since seeing them on Amy's blog a while ago. Like what happens every time I buy a new pair, they're The One, and I think it's going to get pretty serious guys.

But, more importantly, here's my plan for tonight. Come at me, chicken.


There's a red house over yonder, that's where my baby stays.

Kate Moss t-shirt: £15, Red Nose Day at TK Maxx. Joni Jeans: £30, Topshop. Owl socks: £3, Topshop. Satchel: Stylistpick. Bethany boots: c/o Stylistpick. Bracelet: gift, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Any excuse to pull faces at the camera, eh? Listening to Grimmy's breakfast show extravaganza this morning (who else heard Kate Moss' dramatic reading of "Fifty Shades of Grey?") meant that it was finally time to crack out the Red Nose Day t-shirt that's been patiently waiting in my wardrobe for well over a month. Obviously I'll be rocking it tomorrow night as my flatmate and I spend the evening in front of the telly, but it got a quick airing on the way to the Quarter's deli, and there are plenty of failed photos of me about to jump/just landed that I may compile into an outtakes post one day... Still, I had to get The Face on My Front (um...), although the Beatles offering was just as tempting, and I've uploaded my photo to the TK Maxx app, as they're donating an extra quid for everyone who does - bonus!

Obviously, the only way to accessorise a Red Nose Day outfit is with the very colour it's adopted. Funnily enough, both my bag and "What do you mean I'm not Edie Sedgwick?" heels are from Stylistpick, but I couldn't help but round it off with a pair of novelty socks, which I have somehow managed to curate a whole drawer of. Because, quite frankly, every pair of socks needs to have an animal of some kind on it.

But, for now, I'll leave you with a Sergeant Peppers lambanana and the most amazing peanut butter cookie cups we made last night. If only I had a whole drawer full of those...


Take me outside, sit in the green garden.

Crop top: c/o Lashes of London. Skirt: £15, American Apparel via ebay. Belt: 10p, charity shop. Boots: Stylistpick. Coat: £63, Topshop. Watch: gift, Rotary. Necklace: gift, Accessorize. Bag: Romford market about ten years ago...

I can never resist something if it's got my name on it. I found this bag (which may have been purchased when I was about half my age from a market stall) when going through my wardrobe to decide what to pack for third year, and somehow it ended up wending its way up the M1. In a roundabout way, that was probably the last time I wore a crop top, as about 90% of my childhood was spent in lycra thanks to dancing lessons every weeknight. I am not someone intent upon baring all, and this is pretty daring for me as I feel a bit breezy on either side as I walk along, but this Lashes of London deal is so pretty that I feel like it works. Don't worry kids, the spandex is staying firmly in the past, and I plan to spend a lot of time in my pyjamas reading and essaying and generally being studious.

One thing that happened in the week and half since I last blogged (slap on the wrist) was Lomography announcing that I was one of their top 25 bloggers of 2013. I've never been shortlisted for something like this, and it means a lot to me that a photography company thought my attempts were worthwhile, as I find it the most frustrating part of drawing a post together. I don't want to bother my friends to ask them to take photos for me, so end up looking like an oddball sticking a camera on a handily positioned platform for each post (today's was a bench). Here's to the self-timer!

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