Life is simple in the moonlight.

Geometric print blazer: £15.30, Warehouse. Body: £2, Primark. Easy jeans: £35, American Apparel, via asos. Hat: gift, Marks and Spencer. Bag: French Connection. Necklace: Vintage. Ring: £3.50, Topshop. Shoes: 50p, Russell and Broley, via ebay.

It's a bit odd to revisit these photos! Taken when it was quite windy (understatement, I'm clinging onto my hat to stop it from flying off into the nether), to showcase my persistent love for anything navy and oxblood on my old camera, in jeans I've since had to retire (sigh), and a necklace I'm pretty sure I've lost, but they weren't taken entirely in vain. This is just a quick post to say that you may have noticed me excitedly share on twitter and facebook that I'm currently featured on H&M's online source for inspiration, which I guess you could call a blog. If you'd like to read the rest of it, and see me placed alongside Tinie Tempah probably for the only time in my life, you can read it here.

Regarding, you know, life, I'm back in Liverpool this evening, and probably heading straight to the library to finish up an essay that's due on Tuesday, which realistically means having a cuppa on the sofa and waking up early tomorrow. It may be the final term of my degree, but that doesn't mean I don't like leaving things till the deadline - I obviously won't ever learn!

I wear your granddad's clothes.

it's cohenroyal liver building, liverpoolvintage styleuk fashion blogplaysuit and blouse ootd
Chambray playsuit: £9, vintage via Beyond Retro. Mustard shirt: £14, vintage via Pop boutique. Studded boots: Stylistpick. Sailor coat: Topshop. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Music bag: £12, vintage via charity shop. Black watch: Rotary.

These photos were taken in December, but lay forgotten in a folder somewhere in the depths of my computer until I unearthed them earlier. It would be a waste of a sunset if I didn't share them, so here they are! The church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, often finds itself in the shadow of the Liver building, and I hadn't explored the grounds of it before this day - it's odd how one big tourist attraction can distract you from everything in the surrounding area. This weekend was dedicated to sightseeing as Harriet came up from Essex to visit Liverpool. We (of course!) had a wander around the docks, ate lots, drank lots, and had a good catch up over a manicure (girl power ✌) as we hadn't seen each other since Christmas. But now she's headed home, and I'm sighing over my reading list - I think that calls for a pub quiz and a fleeting visit to York, perhaps?

I have no reason to complain, my feelings change.

uk style blogwes anderson outfitfalkner square, liverpool
Jumper: £18, Topshop. Easy Jeans: £35, American Apparel, via asos. Leather clompy shoes: £3, vintage. Lips: Rhubarb, Topshop. Windswept hair: Merseyside.

I would go and straighten my hair the day it decides to start snowing again, but that's just the luck of the draw, I guess. With my middle parting, and oversized jumper (read: so darn comfy), this is probably the most "nineties grunge" I've ever dressed in the history of ever, but I kind of like it in contrast to my usual peter pan collared get ups. This is introducing my new investment piece too: the easy jean. After my last pair of jeans came to a high kickin' end, I thought I'd join the club with Olivia and Jazmine. When asos had 25% student discount I knew it was time, and used up the last of my voucher, meaning I managed to nab these for a slightly more reasonable price (£64, really?). They're way too long for my little legs, and maybe a bit too thin for my liking, but they fit my hips and waist which is an absolute novelty when you have an hourglass figure, which trumps their faults.

Anyway, I'm off to brave the wind/wet/mess that is the Liverpool weather - wish me luck! Hope you're all warm at home with a mug of tea (I may nick my flatmate's early grey today), and a good book.

Like a waterfall in slow motion, like a map with no ocean.

uk style blogchi chi clothinglbd, little black dress, ootnliverpol fashion blogger
Coco dress: c/o Chi Chi. Black and gold maryjanes: New Look.

Outfits I wear on a night out tend to not feature on my blog. I'm not entirely sure why, but I can only put it down to a combination of last minute getting ready, and simply forgetting. This Chi Chi dress is pretty glamorous for me, the girl who tends to stick to skirts and a blouse, but as it was Georgia's twenty-first coming up, I knew I had to up my game, and who can resist a classic LBD? With the gold beading and tight (in a sucking you in way, not in a can't breathe/what are these rolls? way) nature of the dress, it made me feel slightly less self-conscious than I normally do in bodycon, which is a pretty big achievement.

I'm off out tonight for another friend's birthday (shout out to Nicola!), then speeding eastwards to Sheffield on the morrow. This week has absolutely flown by, can someone possibly lend me Bernard's Watch?


People call me superstitious, well they better watch their tongue.

uk style and fashion blogblack outfitliverpool fashion blogblack oversized jumper
Kitted jumper: c/o Next. Pleather dress (worn underneath): £19, Republic. Necklace: gift. Ring: £2.50, Forever 21. Shoes: Stylistpick. Lipstick: Topshop Mischief.

I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to feel my toes, but then the clouds parted and we finally had a little ray of sunshine! Although, admittedly, it's still bloody cold, and a coat was certainly necessary for a quick wander into town. Thankfully my new Next jumper, which I purposefully purchased a few sizes too big, kept me cosy, as I sneaked into Thornton's to pick up a sweet treat for my flatmate.

Exams are over (can I get a hell yeah) so now I'm getting stuck into the reading lists of my final semester's modules. I feel like there's not anything of particular interest to talk of seeing as my life for the past couple of weeks has been spent either waiting for the kettle to boil or under my duvet, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of adventures to share over the next few weeks!

Light reflects from your shadow.

Wide-brimmed hat: £15, Marks and Spencer. Tartan Scarf: £8, ebay. Sailor coat: £63, Topshop. Ghost jumper: £56, JW Anderson x Topshop. Blouse: Miss Selfridge. Corduroy circle skirt: American Apparel, via ebay. Bag: French Connection. Wellies: Hunter.  Necklace: Urban Outfitters. Creepy face: model's own.

I don't really like snow. I like the idea of it, the stillness in the air, and the blanketed whiteness of the landscape, but, clumsy as I am, the higher likelihood of falling over isn't one I look forward to. Thankfully this year I had some sensible footwear (yes, mum), as I'd won a pair of Hunter wellington boots in Char's giveaway a couple of months ago. They, so far, have helped me stay upright and salvage some amount of dignity that this season otherwise seems intent upon destroying.

Right now, my life would ideally be spent revising for my seventeenth century novel exam on Friday, but I have been led astray a couple of times for friends' birthdays, and have somehow found myself throwing myself on my bed around 3am wondering why I went out without tights on. But I promise I'll be back to reading Sense and Sensibility with a good cup of Yorkshire Tea (brand of choice, just so you're aware) once I've clicked publish.


Ball so hard.

1. City of Romance.
2. Hôtel de Ville.
3. My hostess.
4. Musée d'Orsay.
5. Snap!
6. Crocodile.
7. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.
8. How could you not?
9. Oh right, yeah, because there are so many stairs.
10. Cité Université - our home for a week.
11. Windswept atop the Arc de Triomphe.
12. Galeries Lafayette's Christmas tree (and the perfect Sessun coat, but that's another matter).
13.Parisian sunset.

Here are a few visual aids to remembering seven days in Paris. The trip consisted of seemingly never-ending supplies of stairs, dancing to eighties anthems, lots of pastries, eating camembert for the first time, plenty of parisian sunrises, trips to Shakespeare and Company... It did rain an awful lot, though, I'll try to avoid that next time.


Sailor coat: £63, Topshop (old). Breton t-shirt: £30, Aubin and Wills. Jeans: £13.50, Topshop (now deceased). Boots: Stylistpick. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Hat: £10, vintage. "R" necklace: gift, Urban Outfitters. Cross-body bag: French Connection.
Blurry photos courtesy of Brad's media GCSE

The past week has been a very dull blur of word documents and consuming magnitudes of tea, but my dissertation has finally been submitted - hoorah! I'm sure third year university students will appreciate the stress, and the sudden excess of relief when you hand over your hand-bound copies. No outfit posts from that time, unless you want to see my incredibly fashionable primark jammies?

These photos feel like relics from a past age, but they were barely taken a month ago. One of the more cultural exploits from my trip to Paris was a wander up the hill to the Sacré-Cœur. We viewed the parisian vista at twilight, slowly watching all the lights below flicker on. It would almost have been romantic had we not all been singing a bizarre One Direction medley with the few snatches of songs we actually knew. After all, when in Paris... A little photo diary is in the works, so prepare yourself for plenty of cringe-y tourist photos!




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This has been in the pipeworks for a while, it has to be said. A mixture of the unreliable postal service and being terribly busy this academic year has meant that lots of emails flicking back and forth have only just made it here.

A couple of months back I reached the one thousand follower mark. I'm not a big fan of the word (in my own english student way, I always think it ought to be renamed "readers"), but it honestly does mean a lot to me that anyone commits to having my little blog appear on their feeds. So, in true "I've just got my birthday money, let's do this" fashion, I've prepared not one but two thank you's for you jolly wonderful people.

prize one: spring/summer

Well, it wouldn't be a proper giveaway if it weren't themed, eh? Whenever I think of Summer, I think (read: dream) of travelling to exotic locations. I headed off to Cath Kidston to pick up a luggage tag and make-up bag, and Sunglasses Shop have kindly agreed to let the winner pick a pair of SXUC sunglasses - you've got to look after your peepers, after all.

it's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshop

prize two: autumn/winter

Who doesn't like to snuggle up under their duvet with a good pair of socks? I'm a sucker for Topshop's offerings, so got two frilly pairs in my favourite colours. My favourite online jewellery brand Elsie Belle (I'm sure you've seen me wearing my masquerade necklace, as I wear it all the time) have donated a teapot necklace and leaf bracelet, two things I associate with this time of the year.

it's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshop

to enter:

As this is a giveaway for readers, you must be following via either Google Friend Connect (that box on the left) or Bloglovin'.
Just leave a comment saying which prize you'd prefer, and like the relevant company on facebook (Sunglasses Shop and Elsie Belle)

For extra entries you can:
Follow me on twitter...
and ...instagram
As well as liking on facebook.
You can also tweet something, linking back to this post and mentioning @rebeccacohen.

Whatever you do, just write it in a comment, and I'll add it to a spreadsheet, or something geeky. Extra point if you tell a really bad joke.

Open to international readers, and closes 6th February 2013.

I think that's got pretty much everything covered. All that I have left to say is good luck!
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