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Coco dress: c/o Chi Chi. Black and gold maryjanes: New Look.

Outfits I wear on a night out tend to not feature on my blog. I'm not entirely sure why, but I can only put it down to a combination of last minute getting ready, and simply forgetting. This Chi Chi dress is pretty glamorous for me, the girl who tends to stick to skirts and a blouse, but as it was Georgia's twenty-first coming up, I knew I had to up my game, and who can resist a classic LBD? With the gold beading and tight (in a sucking you in way, not in a can't breathe/what are these rolls? way) nature of the dress, it made me feel slightly less self-conscious than I normally do in bodycon, which is a pretty big achievement.

I'm off out tonight for another friend's birthday (shout out to Nicola!), then speeding eastwards to Sheffield on the morrow. This week has absolutely flown by, can someone possibly lend me Bernard's Watch?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Can I have a Bernard's watch too please?xxx

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You look so gorgeous, the dress is perfect!

    Pip x

  4. Really like your dress! Ah Bernard's Watch - a classic! xxx

  5. love this looks so classy

  6. You look so great! :)

  7. Lovee that dress Rebecca xx

  8. what a great dress! I love the beading.
    read your street style article, it was very amusing xx

    a thousand million words

  9. wowza, what a dress! You look fab <3 xx

  10. Love this dress, you look ah-may-zing! x

  11. You look gorgeous, such a stunning figure!

    Maria xxx

  12. Oh Rebecca you sultry minx! This dress is gorgeous, you should post more going out outfit shots like these :) xxx


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