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This has been in the pipeworks for a while, it has to be said. A mixture of the unreliable postal service and being terribly busy this academic year has meant that lots of emails flicking back and forth have only just made it here.

A couple of months back I reached the one thousand follower mark. I'm not a big fan of the word (in my own english student way, I always think it ought to be renamed "readers"), but it honestly does mean a lot to me that anyone commits to having my little blog appear on their feeds. So, in true "I've just got my birthday money, let's do this" fashion, I've prepared not one but two thank you's for you jolly wonderful people.

prize one: spring/summer

Well, it wouldn't be a proper giveaway if it weren't themed, eh? Whenever I think of Summer, I think (read: dream) of travelling to exotic locations. I headed off to Cath Kidston to pick up a luggage tag and make-up bag, and Sunglasses Shop have kindly agreed to let the winner pick a pair of SXUC sunglasses - you've got to look after your peepers, after all.

it's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshop

prize two: autumn/winter

Who doesn't like to snuggle up under their duvet with a good pair of socks? I'm a sucker for Topshop's offerings, so got two frilly pairs in my favourite colours. My favourite online jewellery brand Elsie Belle (I'm sure you've seen me wearing my masquerade necklace, as I wear it all the time) have donated a teapot necklace and leaf bracelet, two things I associate with this time of the year.

it's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshopit's cohen - uk style blog: giveaway, cath kidston, designer sunglasses, elsie belle, topshop

to enter:

As this is a giveaway for readers, you must be following via either Google Friend Connect (that box on the left) or Bloglovin'.
Just leave a comment saying which prize you'd prefer, and like the relevant company on facebook (Sunglasses Shop and Elsie Belle)

For extra entries you can:
Follow me on twitter...
and ...instagram
As well as liking on facebook.
You can also tweet something, linking back to this post and mentioning @rebeccacohen.

Whatever you do, just write it in a comment, and I'll add it to a spreadsheet, or something geeky. Extra point if you tell a really bad joke.

Open to international readers, and closes 6th February 2013.

I think that's got pretty much everything covered. All that I have left to say is good luck!


  1. prize two: autumn/winter please.

    Liked Elsie Belle on Facebook.
    What do you get when Q: What do you get when you cross a cow with a trampoline?
    A: A milkshake!

    not my joke ^^

  2. Prize One (mmm, Cath Kidston)

    I follow on Google Friend Connect and on Twitter.

    Here's my joke from my terrible sense of humour (I find this absolutely hilarious)
    - What did the sea say to the penguin?
    - Nothing, it just waved...

  3. Oh lovely giveaway! I love the autumn/winter prizes

    Julia x

  4. ooo I love the A/W prize! Congrats on the followers hun! :)
    I follow via bloglovin and also follow on twitter (@scheinez) :-) xx

  5. I am a new follower now on Bloglovin'! And I love the leaf bracelet :)

    Megan Colwell

  6. Prize two: autumn/winter please.

    Following via Google Friend Connect. Also following on Twitter (@alicelucyrose_x), Tumblr & Instagram and have liked the Elsie Belle's page on Facebook.

    Alice Rose

  7. Prize One please :) follow via gfc and liked Sunglasses Shop on facebook :) and i follow you on twitter (sophnightingale)

    Congrats on the 'readers'! ox

    I prefer prize two: autumn/winter.
    I love pretty socks and jewellery. ^^

    I like Elsie Belle by my sister's account on facebook (Magda W.), because I'm apparently antisocial, so yep, I don't live, because I haven't facebook account - and this is a really bad joke, so funny, yeah.

    I'm following you on twitter (Sonia) and tumblr (

  9. Entered for Prize#2 :)
    Congratulations to you for reaching such a mark!
    Following you on GFC and Twitter!


  10. Prize Two please (autumn/winter) :)
    I follow by GFC and liked Elsie Belle, and I follow on Twitter

    Now, cheesy joke alert!
    Two atoms were drinking in a bar, atom one says "Oh my, I think I've lost an electron!".
    Atom two says "Are you sure?"
    And atom one says "I'm positive!" :D

  11. I'd love the spring/summer prize!
    ciarabaron at hotmail dot co dot uk

  12. So happy you've got so many readers, I've followed you since I started blogging :)
    I follow you on bloglovin twitter and instagram I believe :)
    The Autumn/Winter giveaway is so cute even though I love Cath Kidston :') x

  13. Congratulations on the (long passed!) milestone :D you definitely deserve it!
    I love Elsie Belle so much so couldn't resist entering for autumn/winter :)
    I'm following on twitter already (@kaz_sunshine) and on GFC too.
    This joke is terrible but it makes me chuckle whenever I see it on twitter... How much does a hipster weigh? An Instagram ;)
    Kaz x

  14. omg you put a link for each of the words in "all the time" haha brilliant x

    im following via both GFC and bloglovin.
    also liked both fb pages as Sydney Hutchcraft

    I'd like to win the glasses as we never have winter here! xxx

  15. - follow you via GFC
    - I'd love to win the Cath Kidston/Sunglasses Shop prize! (but I'd gladly take the other prize too!) :)


  16. Follow you on GFC and Twitter. It's a tough choice but I think I prefer the Autumn/Winter prizes xx

  17. Also 'like' Elsie Belle on Facebook.xx

  18. follow you on bloglovin, tumblr and twitter. well done on the landmark! I'd love the autumn/winter prize, the socks are the cutest.
    as for the bad jokes- two sausages are in a frying pan. one turns to the other and said 'god, its hot in here, right?' the other one says 'shit, a talking sausage'

  19. Follow you via Bloglovin
    Like FB page (Sunglasses Shop and Elsie Belle)

    I love the Spring/Summer pack.

    Bad jokes:
    A : Why did the chicken cross the road ?
    B : I don't know
    A : Because the chicken want to visit the gay couple across the road.
    B : ..
    A : Knock knock
    B : Who's there ?
    A : The chicken
    B : Pah..

    Yeah it's bad.

  20. Entered for prize 2!

    Followed you on twitter- @LeahMcMurdockTW
    Followed on tumblr-
    Followed on instagram- @leahmcmurdockk

    and my totally corny joke is a man goes into a bar, whats a mango doing in a bar?;-)

    lovely prizes! I love your blog!

  21. The Spring/Summer prize is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot resist Cath Kidston so i'll have to go for that one! (I have liked the Sunglasses Shop on facebook, and follow you on twitter [jess__moore])

    Your blog is fabulous and the layout is gorgeous!

  22. What lovely prizes, I like the Elsie Belle goodies best though! :) I follow you on all of the above too ;)

    Maria xxx

  23. Lovely prizes! I would love the prize one: spring/summer one for my sister! She loves Cath Kidston and has broken he foot on boxing day so needs cheering up!

    I have liked you on facebook - Helen Dickinson Annette

    Following on Twitter - MummyToTheMax

    GFC - Helen Dickinson

    Bad Joke - Why was tigger looking down the toilet??
    A: Because he was trying to find Pooh!!

    Please check us out -

  24. I would love the autumn/winter prize :-) I follow on GFC and like all 3 pages on Facebook as Sam Hutchinson and follow on Twitter as @samlikesjam. Oh I also follow your tumblr as samwich box xxx

    Really bad joke - An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar. The barman looks at them and says: "Is this some kind of a joke?"

  25. I love the summer prize!

    I follow you on Twitter too :)

    What do Henry VIII and Kermit the frog have in common?

    ... they have the same middle name! boom boom. I actually laughed out loud the first time I heard that, simply mind here!


  26. oh maaan, this is so hard! had to do eenie meenie but i think autumn #leaves4evz

    i follow you everywhere

    and love you always

    come to oxford

    that is all.

  27. What a great giveaway!
    I would love prize two: autumn/winter...
    That teapot necklace brings loveliness to a whole new level!
    I follow you on GFC and on facebook as well..
    I liked Elsie Belle Jewellery on facebook
    Also, did you hear about the magic tractor?...
    It turned into a field!

  28. Lovely giveaway :)

    Bloglovin' follower
    GFC follower - Katarzyna
    Liked Essie Belle on FB - Kasia G.

    I'd love to win autumn/winter prize :)

    email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

  29. Oooh... hard to choose... Are you giving out both to two winners? I didn't catch if you were. I guess I'd pick the Summer pack, though the bracelet in the Autumn one is just too cute...

    Bloblovin: idyllicblue
    gfc: icitea
    fb: Itsuko Tea
    Twitter: icitea
    instagram: noxvix

    As for my bad joke.... What did one ocean say to the other ocean?
    Nothing, they just waved... bad enough for you? xD

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  30. Spring/Summer pleeease! I'm following you on GFC, Bloglovin, and Tumblr. And my email is (don't think you need it but just in case)
    Awful joke: What does a wicked chicken lay? Deviled eggs.
    I know you are *cracking* up right now...egg joke continuation?

    Your blog is wonderful and always such an inspiration<3
    Greta xoxo

  31. I'm gonna enter for prize 2 please! So, I'm a massive fangirl and I've done everything as requested above... plus...

    How does a monkey make toast?


    You're welcome x ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  32. Autmn/ winter is lovely!
    Liked your facebook and Essie Belle on FB under laura alice summerscales
    followng on twitter under @evelynrose6
    following on GFC sally_stitches_666
    following on tumblr under glitterandnarwhals


  33. Wish I could enter, but alas I don't have fb.

  34. Love the autumn/winter gift set! It's summer practically 365 days a year here in my country, so I could use the change. I follow you on Bloglovin, and I like Elsie Belle's Facebook page. x


  35. prize two. I prefer autumn/winter to summer so much and you have chosen the perfect prizes for this giveaway.

    I follow you on everything! I adore your blog very much.
    email -

  36. Prize 2 A/W :D


  37. suuup my little home slice, please can i be entered for the spring summer prize!
    without sounding little the massive stalker i am...
    i follow on twitter, tumblr, facey b as wellll as GFC, and i was a good girl and liked sunglasses shop!
    this is a papa newman special joke (king of bad jokes)

    why did the lion get lost in the jungle?

    because jungle iz mazzziiiveee (mandatory chad voice)


  38. I follow via gfc as Sadi

    I liked both company's pages on facebook as Sadia Latif

    I would prefer prize # 1 ( spring/summer) ;)

    I follow u on twitter @Sad20ful

    I tweeted here :

    I have liked ur facebook page as Sadia Latif


    Thankss alot

  39. oh ma goddddd I can't choose, how can you make me choose? let's go for prize one because it's floral and obviously i don't have enough floral things in my house already. hahaha.
    and as for a joke, SHIT THE FUCKING BED I CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND JOKES, LET ALONE TELL ONE! boooooo. (so excuse me please thank you!)
    I follow you here and on twitter of course. much love xxxxx

    The Littles.

  40. Oh my god, what beautiful prizes! And you have a lovely blog too, glad I found you!
    I'd have to have the prize #2 because I've been wanting something from Elsie Belle for such a long time! Beautiful jewellery <3

    My GFC name is: jessabelle
    Followed on twitter: @jdddd
    Sent a tweet on twitter:
    Followed on tumblr:
    Followed on instagram: Jessiibelle
    Liked on facebook: Jessica Deacon

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway
    Jessica xoxo

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