Life is simple in the moonlight.

Geometric print blazer: £15.30, Warehouse. Body: £2, Primark. Easy jeans: £35, American Apparel, via asos. Hat: gift, Marks and Spencer. Bag: French Connection. Necklace: Vintage. Ring: £3.50, Topshop. Shoes: 50p, Russell and Broley, via ebay.

It's a bit odd to revisit these photos! Taken when it was quite windy (understatement, I'm clinging onto my hat to stop it from flying off into the nether), to showcase my persistent love for anything navy and oxblood on my old camera, in jeans I've since had to retire (sigh), and a necklace I'm pretty sure I've lost, but they weren't taken entirely in vain. This is just a quick post to say that you may have noticed me excitedly share on twitter and facebook that I'm currently featured on H&M's online source for inspiration, which I guess you could call a blog. If you'd like to read the rest of it, and see me placed alongside Tinie Tempah probably for the only time in my life, you can read it here.

Regarding, you know, life, I'm back in Liverpool this evening, and probably heading straight to the library to finish up an essay that's due on Tuesday, which realistically means having a cuppa on the sofa and waking up early tomorrow. It may be the final term of my degree, but that doesn't mean I don't like leaving things till the deadline - I obviously won't ever learn!


  1. that blazer is amazing! Loving the hat- every time I wear one of mine I've always got a hand glued to it, England is so darn windy!! xx

  2. Love the jeans!

  3. I saw this and thought 'YOU MADE IT OUT THERE' and realised they were old/you're in Essex/now in Liverpool. However, HEY GOOD LOOKIN' you look amazing. Taking style notes from you girl. Good luck with the last term <3 I WANNA COME UP BEFORE YOU PART xxxxx

  4. Love your blazer :)
    Good luck getting the essay finished (there's nothing wrong with being a bit last minute... its called working under pressure haha)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
    check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

    lots of love from La-La Land

  6. bargain hunter on the jacket, nice


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